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  • robvogs

Very slow, drains battery power very fast, not smart, old phones are better than thisxhad this phone for 3 years and it still sucks. The screen quality is bad, can easily break, ram is very low, requests too much stuff, makes internet speed very slow somehow, bad screen reactions, bad tilt reactions, closes everything too fast, not a lot of features. Never buy this very bad phone!

  • Anonymous

do you have available for broken screen ,including case

  • Anonymous

please how it s

  • Wakudaku

Piko, 19 Jul 2021Dos it support lite sim cards?Yes

  • Piko

Dos it support lite sim cards?

  • Anonymous

My huawei have poor network strength and also the flash light is blue. how can that be fixed?

  • Anonymous

can someone assist as to why only 1 sim card is working when dual sims are used

  • brightstripe

Whut, 07 Feb 2021Yeah, yeah. From eight(Android 8) to ten(Android 10)? It�... moreIt's actually 8 to 9

  • RD

Anonymous, 17 Mar 2021Very annoying. I have the 2021 version. No google play. I s... moreIt is not Huawei fault google apps are not included.
It is from Google. In fact this an effect of the bad policy of Trump (Huawei is banned).

  • Anonymous

i still use this phone (fig-lx1) and works just fine in 2021.
i bought it in 2018.
currently has android 9 (pie) / emui 9.1.0
zero problems so far, well built.

  • Anonymous

Very annoying. I have the 2021 version. No google play. I searched the internet, and I still haven't found a way to set up google play legitimately yet. As well as google chrome. I get it, I get it, Huawei, you want to be like Apple, Samsung, like all of the (bad) popular phones, you want to have your own little universe. Also, (just like Apple and Samsung, too) a huge breach of privacy. Starting off you have to give permissions for very questionable things. I really hate it right now and I am going to get it refunded tomorrow. It's very upsetting this phone is so upsetting, despite Huawei owning the Honor brand, whose phones I find quite good.

  • Jay dee

From one android to another android finger print actually doesn't work

  • Whut

Dogspurt, 05 Feb 2021Unfortunately, Huawei, like most manufactures, don't s... moreYeah, yeah. From eight(Android 8) to ten(Android 10)? It's one update?

  • Dogspurt

Yess, 06 Jun 2020It's because most of the updates happen of how many users o... moreUnfortunately, Huawei, like most manufactures, don't support their products for more than one Android update.

  • Dogspurt

2468, 26 Aug 2020Why does my huawei FIG LX1 2017 not work when I use HDMI, i... moreSadly, the Huawei P Smart 2018 does not support this feature.

  • rexodor

Please update info, thi is update to:
Android 9.0 (Oreo), EMUI 9

  • Saint

Why gives you an insane number of pixels camera wise but the quality does not match what has been said compared to other brands and even the battery is barely 3000 mah I'd say this was an experiment.

  • Anonymous

2468, 26 Aug 2020Why does my huawei FIG LX1 2017 not work when I use HDMI, i... moreI'd like to help but sadly I have the same problem which I would like an answer to. I do however have a smart tv and it still doesn't work. You are supposed to just plug the lead into phone and the hdmi into the TV but it just won't work if you find out let me know. Thanks.

Why does my huawei FIG LX1 2017 not work when I use HDMI, iv bought two leads the small black box are they only wireless projection. I am trying to make my phone work on my TV but the TV is not a smart TV. Do I need to sell my phone and if I do what android works Please please help me thanks people

  • lincoln

i dont understand why gsmarena doesnt give info about SAR values anymore. i think that might be the most important data about a cell phone!!!