Huawei P smart 2019

Huawei P smart 2019

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  • bronky

This is the worst phone I've ever owned. Literally garbage.

Werner, 21 Jul 2020P Smart 2019 will this phone recieve Emui 10.1?Hi 😊 nope emui 10 was the last update for this device, from here on its just quarterly security updates

  • Werner

P Smart 2019 will this phone recieve Emui 10.1?

  • Zagreb

Vasile Stefanescu, 12 May 2020Does have corning gorilla glass?NO

Does have corning gorilla glass?

in June

  • Werner

Hi guys. When will P Smart 2019 recieve May security patch?

  • Mihaela

Great mid range phone with nice big screen. Works smoothly and battery is good.

Anonymous, 04 Aug 2019P smart 2019 or P20 Lite?You won't make a mistake if you take either of these two because they are great. With the P20 lite, you get a slightly better camera, while the P smart 2019 offers a better battery.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 06 Mar 2020is it fast or slow when opening many applications?It's pretty good. I don't clean up my apps after I use them and I can't notice any notable delay. I switch between apps like Netflix and YouTube almost all the time, even throw in something like Google from time to time. It's smooth. For that much money I have nothing but praise. It is smooth, no worries about that. Just remember, it is not a 1000 dollar/euro phone. It is for budget, and I was fine with that. For moderate expectations it surpasses them for me

A very affordable mobile phone with nice features. Everything on this device works smoothly thanks to the excellent Kirin 710 processor.

Anonymous, 06 Mar 2020is it fast or slow when opening many applications?this phone has octa-core Kirin 710 CPU so yes it is fast while opening many apps, also this phone is great middle range model not just because of fast CPU but also a great battery and just enough memory space, I recommend it

MITIKO25, 08 Jan 2020This is the good phone really buy it! I recommend this phon... moreYes, exactly it is one of the phones i like to recommend. It just has a nice CPU (kirin 710) and overall is a nice big phone with 6.21" it is just recommended in its price range. Nice phone that is more than enough for average consumer.

  • Werner

Hi P Smart 2019 will it recieve Android Emui 10.1?

  • Athi

Werner, 17 Jan 2020Hi im now busy updating Andoid 10 Emui 10 on my P Smart 201... moreI've been trying many many times but still no luck 😭

  • F1ddy

Is now on android 10 and has darkmode

  • Anonymous

is it fast or slow when opening many applications?

  • Werner

March security patch. When is next update?

  • Anonymous

Kgadi, 03 Feb 2020My P smart 2019 just looks like the glue used to stick the ... more(Extreme) heat is probably the cause

  • Kgadi

My P smart 2019 just looks like the glue used to stick the battery and screen is out, so now the phone has got two parts and the phone did not fall. Any idea of what could be the cause?