Huawei reclaims the top spot in Chinese foldable smartphone market in H1 2023

Ro, 21 August 2023

New market research in China shows that Huawei is currently selling the most foldable smartphones in the country, with over 50% of the market share in the first half of this year. And that's even without 5G connectivity due to the sanctions imposed on Huawei. There are rumors the company is planning a 5G-enabled version of its newest Huawei Mate X3, but those are unconfirmed and certainly not reflected in the numbers.

Huawei reclaims the top spot for foldable smartphones in China in H1 2023

Anyway, securing the top spot in this market segment in China is quite impressive because there are more rivals to deal with. While western markets have limited choice of foldables outside Samsung, the Chinese market has a ton of options from vivo, Honor, Oppo, Xiaomi.

After Huawei, Oppo takes second place, closely followed by Samsung, while vivo, Honor, Xiaomi and Motorola complete the ranking in that order.

The report also shows a solid 72% year-over-year growth of the foldable segment in the country, a trend that will likely keep up for quite some time as foldable tech improves.


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Coz it's a downgrade.

  • AnonD-1104158
  • 24 Aug 2023
  • 39y

Oh yeah 5G came at no extra costs but many mobile operator prices are sky high I have best in UK all unlimited 5G and I only pay £16 a month 🙂

You talked a whole lot, but said nothing! You're very busy talkkig about the future when the discussion is about the present. And I'll bet you that One UI 6 won't have any feature termed "control center". Wtf do you thin...

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