Huawei reports double-digit revenue gains in H1 2019 despite US ban

Ro, 24 July 2019

Despite the rocky end of the first half of 2019 for Huawei, the company was still able to post much better revenues than the same period of last year. Numbers would have certainly been better had it not been for the US restrictions but even so they are quite promising.

Huawei still making double-digit gains in H1 2019

Huawei recorded 30% increase in revenue over the course of the first half of 2019. The increase stood at 39% for the first quarter but then things went south in May and June. The accelerated 5G deployment helped the company maintain growth with 50 commercial contracts.

So now with the US government and Huawei close to resolving the issue, the Chinese company should be able to continue its operations and the pursuit of the number 1 smartphone maker spot globally.



Reader comments

Qualcomm is top unless some other competitor outbeats them Huawei for example or samsung or someone completely new.

Kirin performance is better than Apple. Just because apple is better only on paper. On benchmark they are awesome but in real life when gamimg for example for several hours lets say 12 in a row their chips are far worse than Mediatek.

  • Rich watarious

If the US ban is lifted Huawei can speed up making heavy sales worldwide.

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