Latest update disables AI on the Huawei P20 Pro's camera

Ro, 26 September 2018

Huawei just pushed a rather hefty patch for its P20 Pro flagship, which is around 525MB big and carries the build designation CLT-L29

It brings Google's August security patch along with some minor bug fixes and improvements, but more importantly, Huawei disabled the AI scene recognition in the camera app by default. It's still there and you need to go into the settings menu and enable it if you find it useful.

That's a somewhat odd decision considering that Huawei's marketing is heavily focused on the AI capabilities of its phones. We hope we get an official statement about this.


Reader comments

It made you look like wax figure... I had P20 Pro and camera was extremley unnatural, now I know why... I did not turn off this cr**...

  • AnonD-797904

AI doesn't produce a good photo. The photo taken with AI becomes an Artificial Image.

  • Anonymous