Huawei T156

Huawei T156

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  • Anonymous

I had it by the time it was released but is the worst phone I ever had. Even at its time. No memory at all, no games, and frecuently had to turn it off and on again because the phone got stocked in some point while writing an sms. Even its battery wasn't good considering the very very few functions it had.

  • Rajesh sonwani

thish very nice cellfone

  • MJ

Can anybody tell me the default reset code of this phone?

  • Anonymous

tsuami, 02 Sep 2012where is grammar?this mobil is great

  • tsuami

samir, 21 Aug 2011thear r no game wher is game i want game my phonewhere is grammar?

  • samir

thear r no game wher is game i want game my phone

  • Jul

I am very happy with this phone, it has just the basic.

  • jani mughal

i have a network lock on my mobile how can i unlock my system?

  • mothman

How do I change ringtone on this cell?

  • AnonD-1658

How do I enter names in the contact list?

  • dr z

Hash, 03 Aug 2010how do i turn the T9 off?just press # key for once and it will turn off the sloopy t9..

  • julian g

Hash, 03 Aug 2010how do i turn the T9 off?just push the * or # key (I dont remember well) several times it changes the modes.

  • Hash

how do i turn the T9 off?

  • ednah

my phone is off due to falling down is there any thing i can do to keep my handset working again.

  • zubair

Can we increaes the sim memory for saving more sms

  • Usman Mujtaba

Same experience here, this cell doesn't have own memory for contact numbers and SMS, one have to rely his SIM capacity for the stuff.

  • nick

there's some mistake... u can save contacts just in sim card and u can save sms only on sim memory it doenst have its own memory...battery life is gud and yeah its gud for just calls cuz sms memory depends on sim card...

  • saadfar

what is the actual battery time of this fone???

  • concerned

can we create a SMS distribution list on this phone?

  • Renato

this is the BEST!