Huawei T552

Huawei T552

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  • Anik

Anonymous, 10 Aug 2011@Tutti Did you even read the specifications of this phon... moreOn 2009, you aspect 4" Screen or something more

  • Paris Vids from NY

AnonD-312148, 25 Sep 2014what is operating system (os)?This is a feature phone, which means it runs a custom proprietary operating system that is not named. So, in other words, it is a basic feature phone with a touchscreen from Huawei.

  • AnonD-312148

what is operating system (os)?

  • Anonymous


Did you even read the specifications of this phone ?
It is basically a piece of shit with a 3 inches touchscreen.

  • Milosh

No WiFi?

  • Anonymous

i think its made on htc platform like allmost all the smart phones wich are not nokia or sony ericsson

  • Tutti

A good phone from Hawuei?
Damn... I hope that's true.
Design and UI looks good.

Let's c...