Huawei confirms three-cam Huawei P20 with its latest press invite

Yordan, 08 February 2018

We told you that Huawei is having its P11/P20 launch on March 27 and today the company started handing out official press invites. The image has three circles, clearly indicating that the new flagship will have triple camera setup on its back. If it is not clear enough, the invite also drops second hint, saying guests will “see mooore with AI”.

At the event, happening in Paris, France, Huawei is expected to show a lite, regular and Plus version of the P11 or P20 - the name is yet unclear. Aside from the triple camera that might be arranged in a vertical setup, other suggested specs include Kirin 970 with AI capabilities.

According to numerous rumors, Huawei is also jumping the notch-on-the-front train with all three phones sporting a cutaway on the screen for the earpiece and selfie camera, including the midranger Huawei P20 lite.



Reader comments

  • rich watarious

is rgb, monochrome, and wide-angle.

Notch is only for front camera and earpiece? Atleast put their faceID. The cameras are probably rgb+monochrome+telephoto

  • Love the Community

I wish it's the Monochrome+Wide-Angle+Telephoto combo.

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