Huawei U1000

Huawei U1000

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  • Roli

The Metalhead 83, 12 Dec 2011This is the worst phone ever, a piece just got lost, the br... moreWhat do you expect from a 10 dollar phone ?

AnonD-204834, 10 Aug 2014I can't believe this is a 3G phone.......but yet it doesn't... moreEver heard of Sony Ericsson K790 and Sony Ericsson K800? Yeah... Huawei isn't the only one doing this sort of bull****

  • AnonD-204834

I can't believe this is a 3G phone.......but yet it doesn't even have edge

  • The Metalhead 83

This is the worst phone ever, a piece just got lost, the browser it's like an insult to the internet 'cause it just function with some pages, it can be connected to a computer but you can't listen music or watch videos or post something on facebook, this cellphone shouldn't exist, somebody give me money so I can buy a real phone

  • Apophis31

Johnny-RO, 12 Jan 2011it's the worst phone ever. I have a nokia 1616 and it is be... moreYo, Johnny! So what do you think? Did you want RDS to give you a vertu for free? Come on, be serious! It is a mobile phone and that is all. Mobile phones are made for talking with them and i think this is a very good phone. Good as signal, and also good as battery. It is a mobile phone not a smartphone.

  • tapu ro

stend bay 14 day no games

  • savin

Johnny-RO, 12 Jan 2011it's the worst phone ever. I have a nokia 1616 and it is be... moreThe phone is quite good for talk only, no camera no gadgets but a reliable phone. The battery lasts about 6 days. The housing is very noisy. When use the keys the housing clicks, like cheap chineese items.

  • mobonilla

Any software to put pictures and ringtones in it?

  • Anonymous

This is a cell phone not a smart phone. Comparisons should always be made between similar priced/function phones. Not a free phone vs a $200 phone. As a cell phone, this phone is pretty good. Clear voice, good standby time and reliable. That's good enough for me.

  • US_pisdoff

If the Romanians hate this piece of Chinese piece of fragile plastic, don't push it on the rest of the world! They tried stating that it's better than the Android & BlackBerry, but it's no better than a rock for a paper weight (the rock is superior compared to this in every way) don't buy, don't accept it for free, either way it's not worth it. Stay away from this manufacturer for any cell, at all costs!!!!!!!!!

  • Johnny-RO

it's the worst phone ever. I have a nokia 1616 and it is better.Like others romanian peoples i've got it from RDS&RCS for free,I feel ashamed to wear it so I use like a desk phone.
I'm looking forward for a HTC desire.

  • Anonymous

this fone is not using 16k,32k sim card

  • koss

This phone is mych better than nokia in this category.. trust me.

  • florin

very good for free.It is very good like a hummer.

  • Matei

This phone is not good, it's very simple, cheap plastic, and the batery must be recharged after 4 days. No camera, no music, just a few ringtones and u can't change that. If it's free take it, if cost 1 cent DON'T!

  • dorahan

only 100 entries phonebook?!!! LOL

  • gbt

romania, 16 Feb 2009in not sell in Romania is a free phone . but is very good ,... moreWhere can I find an user manual for U1000s (.doc or .pdf)? Tell me if you know, please.

  • cutarescu

I use this phone since 6 months ago or so. Decent stand by time but the phone is a cheap and fragile piece of chinesse plastic. One month ago i droped it on the floor and the screen got broken, now it displays a mixture of orange and purple all over it hahaha.
Since the incident i noticed that the standby time reduced to only 12 hours and the phone gets disconected in the middle of a concersation just like that...
For those who may concern here is the location with the drivers and a pc manager to use it for downloading messages, and get the sim card contacts. Many other features didn't worked for me, like sending a message from the software or the contacts saved in phone's memory

  • C

Koss, 18 Jan 2009I have this phone for about 4 mounths and is great. Very go... moreu1000s is the best phone ever.... the battery is keeping herself in standby for more than 1 week and that is cool.... and ... its free

  • topino

Stupid phone and if you are out of the network area the battery die very quickly.