Huawei U8110

Huawei U8110

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  • technology75

I ve dwnlod whatsapp for dis fone,bt i pay for mi watup,dnt knw

  • AnonD-142398

Can anyone tell the password for Android market?

  • shrouk shawky

how to change the ring tone with another ay memory at this phone ?????

  • huawei U8110 seller

what processor and RAM is i this phone?

  • dsds

You can install custom rom with 2.3.7 android to this phone very easy you need cwr and custom rom (download from xda) and gapps... thats all :D i use cobaltum and phone is very fast

  • Aline

I want to update android huawei u8110 version 2.1 to 2.3.6. what should i do?
Please HELP me.

  • masezamn

it,s very good fhon

  • Anonymous

joe, 29 Aug 2012this device without editting is very poor, but with knowled... moreok do you know how?
please advice

  • joe

this device without editting is very poor, but with knowledge and experience you can: double the battery life,use wifi hotspot,move applictions to sd card,use the flash as continous led-light source..... all by rooting and and installing suitable applications

  • miko


  • Ammar

this mobile touch not gud. poor

  • Anonymous

battery died after 16 months, can't use outdoors very bad display, relatively good processor wasted with low RAM, resistive screen is better than the most resistives, build is awfull especially white one, metal looking paints are gone, but for a phone this cheap and if you don't use live backgrounds or something like that everything is acceptable and bearable. btw new battery is cheap

  • someweirdguy

People need to learn too spell properly.

  • AnonD-51435

i have lost my cell phone whole sofware during up dating it the updating has faild and i lost my whole mobile software and it is not turn on not what to do now please help me with this problem no master reset i working...

  • puru

very poor battery backup,poor touchscreen @poor performance.

  • savior44

This phone very poor. Touchscreen and the performance bad bad bad

  • saji

i got this phone.I like this design ..and low price also.But Battery back up and touch screen is very poor perfomance.!!!??

  • Lincoln

klapac, 21 Jan 2012I use android 2.1 update 1, and i have problems, self reset... moreUpdate to 2.3.7

  • Synyster Gates

I had this phone for some time (I work with phones) Price to quality acceptable. Touch screen a bit rigid, nice design, very lite. But, for some reason Huawei found its imperative to be installing a bunch of crappy shell extensions that jam and slow the phone down. Once you update your system and get rid of the canvas and other crap it'll work like a charm. Cheers


i got this one, have manufacturing problem: not able to receive SMS regularly.
not rigid one, touchscreen is very easy to be scratched.
actually i don't like. the only advantage is the cheap price as a start to smart phones world..