Huawei U8150 IDEOS

Huawei U8150 IDEOS

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  • cynrita

stone, 26 Jan 2011Guyz,just bought this phone last week...i have owned a Nokia n97... moreHey Stone,

Does this phone come w/a document viewer for word and excel docs and a pdf viewer? That's a clincher for me to get this phone or not.

  • Rahul

Mobile phone function is very good. But phone looking is not good.where is service center in delhi/ncr.

  • vel

Abu(kenya), 28 Jan 2011Hey Glo.. i bought the phone yesterday. It's awesome. Take your ... morehi there.. I wanted to ask you if you have tried to download voip applications like skype, nimbuzz or fring.. and if the voice chat works well.. and another thing :) what are the features of google talk? is it just chat, or it's complete (attachments and call) as the computer version? thanks a lot :)

  • petre. Nairobi

u guys just make me laugh with your stereotypes agains smart phones. I agree that ideos is a cool phone. But please dont make excuses 4 its poor battery life that all smartphnes are like dat. I respectfully disagree. I own a nokia e52 a smartphne that i power use and its battery life is unrivalled,. So give due where its deserved. Ideos is good smartie but batt life is wanting.

  • Anonymous

IDEOS is a cool fon but i have a problem with contacts on me ideos u8150d. someone help how i can access my sim card contacts or copy contacts. my email is

  • Anonymous

rizybizy kenya, 29 Jan 2011hey guys.jus bin dropped a tip that safcm are completing this hu... moreyap in kenya its gona be tha cheapest android 2.2 froyo eva at only 8500ksh thats 105 dollars with airtime 1000shs thats about 13dollars n 600Mb free data its tha best offer this syd of the sahara

  • Musakali Francis

I like the phone but the battery dies to quick.

  • rizybizy kenya

hey guys.jus bin dropped a tip that safcm are completing this huawei offer on 10th feb,so if your working on snail speed to grab uas,it might be too late.its respective price is 15k.not ugandan but kenya money.

  • Mms

Felix, 28 Jan 2011No doubt its a very handy useful phone but the major drawback is... morego to market and download battery saver, you will have a longer battery life

  • charles

safaricom would have to consider providing the exrta battery coz using the features needs power.

  • Auk

Lemmi watch this phone battle from the balcony. Once bought an expensive phone and 4 months later went down with almost 50%
aint phoneless anyway

  • Billyboy666

This is a brilliant little smart phone, great value for money...i got mine for about 105USD, so yeah its great phone aside the short battery life, gotta charge it every night...

  • timo

the battery is just too bad dies very fast not reliable for businessmen

  • Anonymous

The device works as a WiFi router for up to eight devices at a time

  • Felix

No doubt its a very handy useful phone but the major drawback is the battery life. I had to charge mine twice a day which defeats the whole logic of having a smartphone loaded with features but with no enough battery power! Gave mine as a gift after 3 days of use!
My observation: Not useful for a busy person.

  • Abu(kenya)

Anonymous, 28 Jan 2011hi have managed to connect your phone to the PC ?Yeah.. i did manage.

  • Tumuz

Abu(kenya), 28 Jan 2011The screen protector is used to prevent your screen from being s... moreCapacitive screens don't require screen protectors. Your digicam just has regular glass or plastic that's prone to scratch. Capacitive screens such as the one on this phone are made out of scratch resistant screens (unless you intentionally poke it with a knife). You put a screen protector on capacitive screen n you won't get any touch responses. Capacitive screens use your fingers static charge to activate responses, no pressure like resisitive (see, Nokia 5800 and the rest). You don't believe, just put on some gloves n try n use it.

  • Anonymous

Abu(kenya), 26 Jan 2011Hey does this phone have a stylus pen? I guess 1 would need it w... morehi have managed to connect your phone to the PC ?

  • Abu(kenya)

[deleted post]u dont need the software. juz charge it for 6 hours first without switching it ON. then connect to the pc or laptop with the USB cable. the phone will prompt you to press OK on a dialog box that appears so as to b able to access the external memory of 1GB that ur given for free with the phone. copy the things u wanna copy to it the copy stuff to your flashdisk, after you are done make sure you right click the drive formed by the memory card then choose EJECT. Then you can remove the plug from the PC.. That's it.

  • Abu(kenya)

when installing applications, is there a way that u can direct it to be installed into the external memory card instead of the phone memory?