Huawei U8150 IDEOS

Huawei U8150 IDEOS

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  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 15 Jan 2011Kenyan market?where can I buy it?Safaricom shops

  • Mira

extreme, 16 Jan 2011salam sir, i am using this phone from zong too.But i have quest... moreYou can download all kind of applications - i have no problem with that.

  • extreme

Daniyal Jatoi, 15 Jan 2011I have been reading all of the 15 pages of posts made by guys an... moresalam sir,
i am using this phone from zong too.But i have question that,Are you experiencing the Android Market issues like download paused or large file dont download.please reply to me.

  • Daniyal Jatoi

I have been reading all of the 15 pages of posts made by guys and girls. Friends to be honest with you all. Most of you are students, or teenagers ,Or even if not. You all want something which is better and may provide better functions and services. What more can you get in such affordable price. Whenever one says he's got an Android we at once make a round figure in mind that it must be worth $500 to $600. No ways, Whether its a copy, or not, whether it looks awesome or bad, whether whatever the flaws you take out from it. You really can't say anything on basis of experience unless you use it. I am skeptic in cases of buying for my self. But this handset works, is great for starters to advanced users. Everyone has his own recommendation. I prefer it and keep my hands on it.

  • Daniyal Jatoi

Hi There,
Guys i have used it. Bought 3 days back from now. I am using Iphone 3GS 16GB, Nokia 5230 currently. IDEOS is much better. I have moved all the burden of my business work on IDEOS. Battery timing is much better than Iphone and Nokia. Supports flash, Java and others. Touch screen is good. Camera is at least good from Iphone. Feels good using it. Functions quite easy and internet connectivity and performance is better than others. You can't get anything better than that in such great prices. I have bought it with Zong Plan from Pakistan in 17,000 Rupees only.

  • mugz

Download SWYPE Keyboard at

"SWYPE QVGA v2 by Marurban.apk"

Works OK!

  • Anonymous

Kenyan market?where can I buy it?

  • Zak

I hear this phone has reached in the kenyan market and people are happy about. Its also the cheapest smartphone. Am planning to get mine soon and i hope it wont dissappoint me.

  • rocky

when this phone is going to launch in india and at what price.please tell me adject price of it please and can any body tell me that this company is renowned or not?please reply me.

  • Pascal

hi all.pretty small and fits hand-data speeds are awesome.Camera and sound output are aweful though.For the price though,the piece is a great buy.

  • wildjarian

well this phone has a major battery problem cause it last only for 4 hours and needs to b charged continously for operation, also camera result is poor and lacks flash and night mode. i suggest to have an additional battery for seemless operation.

  • Anonymous

is it available in Hyderabad?

  • Anonymous

Sorry I take it back, that version seemed to be an old beta, and as soon as it launches it says it has expired. Seems swype doesn't support QVGA. Found a download on a forum to a version that apparently works but its unofficial so Swype support

  • Anonymous

Actually it does have swype, u just have to download it off the brothersoft website. Google 'swype download' in your phones browser, click download, select your device, download and install. You might have to change ur settings to allow installation of apps that are not from the market. I'm having trouble with Flash 10.1 though. Cant find it in the market, and the adobe site takes me to the market where it said the product is unavailable.

  • Haleyjoelosment

Can this HP act as a MIFI device.???

If so, how many devices can connect to it at once..

  • Anonymous

Everything except working out the bluetooth sending is an issue.
I struggle to Bluetooth music to other phones

  • Anonymous

Not true - there is no Swype.

  • Extreme

Hello to everyone I am using this phone from zong I am experiencing a problem from the android market I cannot download a single app that is larger than 150 kb I have browsed the internet for the problem and try every suggestion from them but the problem is not solved please anyone can help me for this problem

  • Anonymous

Swype input method is untrue. In fact, as at January 2011, Swype doesn't even support QVGA screens.
It has the stock Android soft-keyboard, along with TouchPal software, an input method offering an alternate QWERTY keypad, a traditional 12-key phone-pad imitation, and a half-qwerty (CooTek T+) keyboard.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 02 Jan 2011Guys i think this phone will not launch in india so it is better... moreBUT 5230 doesn't have wifi