Huawei U8150 IDEOS

Huawei U8150 IDEOS

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  • Friendly User

Kindly update the dimension,OS,Ram/ROM,battery size...if up to the expectation then this is really something different n special also can be named "King of the baby Andriod........

  • Anonymous

I'm waiting for it

  • Alu

I like it a lot, but no Radio, thats a dealbreaker for me. Id rather spend more on Xperia X10 Mini and then also enjoy a better camera.

  • RMR

Most site says dat it will be priced around 5k in india.. so like always at the time of release it will be around 6k (which is still great) will be selling great.... proc spec is low and lacks divx and xvid support but hey how much can u get for just 6k right..still sweet!

  • Anonymous

The specification are good. When will it be launched in Chennai

  • Piyush

Anonymous, 04 Sep 2010you may misunderstand, engadget means it uses QVGA, but it could... moreI meant that the screen could have been better than QVGA.

  • Rizman Group

great phone and specks...

  • ritzz

Juan, 08 Sep 2010Hello, just for making corrections to some wrong specs posted. I... moreyou are right buddy!

And who has android 2.2 on his mob right now,even the LG Gt540 ($250) and huge phone makers like Motorola and Samsung are struggling to get the upgrade and Ideos comes direct from Google partnership with Huawei.

A phone for the masses, $150!

A must buy for everyone!

  • Juan

Hello, just for making corrections to some wrong specs posted. IDEOS (Huawei U8150) is:
- CAPACITIVE touch screen 2.8''.
- HSDPA 7.2 Mbps (3.6 is wrong)
- Android 2.2, SRS sound, 256/512 RAM/ROM
Not bad for USD $100-$200 smartphone!!
You'll see IDEOS in every TOP world operator for sure!

  • eFJaySharon

gonna buy it as soon as i see it...

  • Anonymous

Gonna buy it as soon as available

  • C

Seems good
Its going to be resistive touchscreen.
But the Rs.5000/-, Android 2.2 makes it a tempting device
And also it has a 'Made-With-Google' mark.
This device can tap a good market share with that price.
Surely thinking of buying one.

  • kontol gede

ritzz, 05 Sep 2010Phone is fast, no lag on interface. Battery is 1200 mAh, cons... morehave u try it personally?

  • ritzz

Phone is fast, no lag on interface.

Battery is 1200 mAh, considerinf 2.8 capacitative is responsive, battery life will be ok.

cool, $150, 99 pounds, what else!!

  • Sandy

Just gone through mentioned specification and surprisingly Radio is not available.
Please confirm otherwise very good phone with loads of features and best price ($150).

  • Anonymous

Piyush, 03 Sep 2010The screen specification is wrong; according to Engadget it's a... moreyou may misunderstand, engadget means it uses QVGA, but it could have been HVGA....

  • cakil pokil

i have to buy this gadget. cheap n android bro!!

  • madankerz

Yeah, i'm "pertamax" (the first)
what about the battery?
It'll become cooler with sliding qwerty keyboard
i hope the next will be better

  • Timmyh

Very nice looking device. Screen is definitely capacitive. Froyo should run fine on this as it is leaner than 2.1, and it was created "with Google" which is officially branded on the back.

Nice one!

  • kememmorrison

Endencentor, 03 Sep 2010Android Froyo on a 528 MHz CPU?! D`oh...i think its to slow right...