Huawei U8150 IDEOS

Huawei U8150 IDEOS

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  • Brando

DO NOT buy this phone if you want any processing power at all. This thing would be better off used as a microwave, spend your money elsewhere.

  • AnonD-8374

Very Nice Phone with 2 hours battery life even not use about 6/7 hours that's at i have to say.

  • fexx

Nice try but no good :)

  • haji

rotich, 10 Feb 2012my ideos has problem with ask for unlock reset key wh... moremy phon also have aproblem it asks for areset key code
what can i do?

  • james mangu

mehdi, 19 Mar 2012hi i bought your product but i cant find password of phon (sim... moremy simlock i need my phone be unlocked, I try for long. help me to open may phone

  • Anonymous

Very short battery life!!!

  • Anonymous

plz temme is dis fone gud to buy or not

  • mehdi

i bought your product but i cant find password of phon
(simlock block unlock reset key)what is the reset key ?how can find this?model U8150-B

  • Abdirashidyare

i can not access internet through gprs setting.

  • AnonD-47033

battery doesn't stay for long

  • Angok Achuil

the battery is very weak it finish so quicklyno game in Ideos, it make costly to buy another game

  • Aijee

Anonymous, 01 Mar 2012lika as htc wildfire s....battery!!!thanks, I'll try to buy one!

  • Anonymous

where to buy accessories, battery, earphone, of this phone in the Philippines?

  • Ahmad

Actually very nice phone in such a low price. Love u ZOng

  • Anonymous

i want to know where to buy some thing like handsets and other things which deals with ideos in kampala uganda.

  • Atanasov

Actually you can simply import and export contacts from SIM and to sdcard too my friend. you have to do a little searching before posting... And even your contacts are synced with Google server's so if you get new android you will not have to do anything else, just login...
And about the battery, is a smartphone, what did you expect?

  • Anonymous

i've had this mobile phone for about 6 months and have to say that it's the worst mobile phone i have ever had. battery life is pathetic even if i use it for less than 15 minutes per day for calls and/or texts. it also cannot save your contact no's to your sim card so i have had to write all my contact names and phone numbers when i've had to return the phone (twice) do yourself a favor and do not get this hopelessly useless phone!!!!!

  • Dionysius

marvelous handset of it's own class,I love it.......

  • Khattak

just download the (Espier Louncher ) this is great app wonderful, your phone become real IPHONE. try it. also for sms download CHOMP SMS. these 2 are AWESOME

  • Khattak

bambit, 08 Mar 2012how do you download antivirus to ideos? just open it's market and write Antivirus. they will show you lots of antivirus software like (AVG, AVAST,KASPERSKY, DR, MACFEE etc )