Huawei U8150 IDEOS

Huawei U8150 IDEOS

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  • Anonymous

can you make the screen and numbers bigger when txting, its a great phone but the numbers are too small

  • r

provide a pdf user guide online

  • AAs

Plz somebody tell me about its sms storage! capacity as its very important for me. waiting for a quick reply

  • fr

most of my music files are not opening because they are not supported can some one pls tell me what king i should use

  • Abdi

how to close youtube and market after using in ideos, there is no closing option?

  • AnonD-39511

please help me find where to buy extra battery for my huawie u8150.

  • jolie

I like the phone but I can't figure out when my friends send me an sms with a ringtone in 2 extract the ringtone from the text and use it....:(

  • dan

bionicboy, 08 Jan 2012I just bought my 8Gb sd card...but my ideos keeps Nat open it s... moretry formatting ur sd card in ur fone

  • ranta

had the phone for like 8 months, cramd keyboard bt serves me good. wanna change the os though.. what can i do?

  • Matinge

a good phne i bought it this month but donated it to a friend. coz the battery is worse takes only hours and its down men

  • grey c

Hey guys i bought ideos afew months ago it is serving me well so far but the battery usualy lets me down.who knows of any other type of battery to replace with?

  • AnonD-38709

worth the money, the only thing i didnt like was perhaps the cramped keypad(not in the landscape mode)

  • grace

i lost my ideos phone on the 6/01/2011 and i had bought it on 23/12/2011 kindly assist to trace it. i was snatched while talking to my husband


i got my ideos some months ago and it was stolen on tuesday 10th/jan/ can i get it back and can you trace it?

  • Anonymous

Ommi, 06 Jan 2012I want to buy ideos but my great fear is in the battery side.It ... moretry to download an apps called 'advanced task killer' it will help you to save battery

  • jhean

HaidGFX, 17 Jan 2012this phone is dual sim or single sim ?hi i want to reset my phone, or restore the settings.. may i know whats the pincode/password of it?
plese thank you.. i love the phone..its easy and fun to use

  • HaidGFX

this phone is dual sim or single sim ?

  • IDDI

my phone is block and i can not remember my gmail account what should i do to unlock my phone?

  • sammy

if your battery run out quickly try reducing the brightness and disabled most application that are constantly running! but help me with unlocking the phone I can only use one network on it.

  • furqanonlline

Anonymous, 13 Dec 2011the vldeo doesn't quite workJust install "Mx Video Player" from Market. Also after installing player also install Codecs. I plays all formats of Videos.