Huawei U8150 IDEOS

Huawei U8150 IDEOS

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  • AnonD-36138

The phone is smart but due to it's multiple applications it consumes the battery fast. Please do something.

  • Amir

AHMED, 27 Dec 2011when i download any software so my mobile speed bocome slow plz ... moreThats because you installed the app to the phone memory. Try to move it to the SD card.

  • iamondronix

@ AHMED to ensure that your ideos runs fast you should move most apps to your memory card and keep your ideos 's internal memory at above 25mb.This used to do the trick for me.


when i download any software so my mobile speed bocome slow plz give me the reason

  • romeoo

how can i use whats app on google ideos??

  • Safari

i have one, but the big problem i am facing is just a battery, i am using just 6 hrs only. now its bordering because i have to be moving with charger.

  • alassan

Tranzy maN, 10 Dec 2011there is a common problem which is the soft keys ... they are ok... moremy Google phone has problem on the touch screen
i don't how to fix it.i need your help

  • Watts

how do i connect to mobile device; tried active sync and mobile center but device not available.
I can only access it as storage. Please advise

  • ali


i am using google mobile from few months. i have am facing a problem, i hope you will help me.

you know that google

Huawei U8150 IDEOS
is touch screen mobile and due to mistake its ringtons are not working. when anybody call me it remain totlly silent and no bell voice tells about call. i have made check its tones setting or all other setting but i could not find the problem to resolve it. their is know other problem in that using like call receive and dile properly and other everything is working properly. i pressed the buttons on outterside of the body of the mobile but sill no result. i hope you will get my problem and guide me properly. reply on it plz

Thank you

  • crsty

how to fix dead spots?????

  • Alex

My phone locked by security at first and then asked me my google account .When i enterd it says invalid. Can you help me please

  • Anonymous

My Bluetooth keeps switching of while In file transfer. Camera quality poor in low light. How do you upgrade adobe flash? How do you sync when you want to use phone as a modem?

  • droidmaniac

ideos's, 13 Dec 2011I love this phone, is good but my games are really slow why? wha... moreyou get what you pay for.if you want to play games go for the high end android devices and not a crappy phone like ideos meant only for simple tasks.!!

  • me myself

wondernpc, 14 Dec 2011Does this phone support multi-touch screen? it doesn't support multitouch but it's a great phone/PDA nonetheless!

  • Anonymous

wondernpc, 14 Dec 2011Does this phone support multi-touch screen? Thanks.The u8150 comes with different screen types i.e. synaptics, melfas and cypress... Synaptics supports multi touch but the other don't

  • Mike

I have a Huawei U8150 IDEOS. The out of the box battery life is terrible with only only 30 hours of life. I rooted the phone and added "Juicedefender Ultimate" to dial down the CPU idle speed, the phone now has a battery life of over 120 hours. Great phone that has a feeble battery but with rooting the problem is solved. There are other CPU controller apps available but with JDU I tweek the screen, apps, cpu.

  • nnnnn

rony, 13 Dec 2011its good phone. but dust under the screen Clean it man first...
If possible wid water.....

  • wondernpc

Does this phone support multi-touch screen?


  • rony

its good phone. but dust under the screen

  • Anonymous

st, 06 Dec 2011my phone do not play video files what should i do or what kind o... morethe vldeo doesn't quite work