Huawei U8150 IDEOS

Huawei U8150 IDEOS

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  • George

kitty, 22 Feb 2011its a fabulous phone! i just ove my blue one. one probrem though... moreYou can get a spare battery like me. I think for the price, the battery was the price to pay. but this phone is great. was comparing with other smartphones and it out performs them except on battery. Find Malibu telecoms on Jeevan baharati buidling, opposite electricity house on harambee av. Go to 5th floor and get a spare batt. Worked for me.

  • george

Anonymous, 23 Feb 2011Hello,has any one been able to download a call blacklist softwar... moreI am using 'easy filter' and it works great. search for it on the android market.

  • Gath.

Very useful phone. Beautiful features for a frindly price. however I am disappointed in only one aspect. Battery. Is it just me or does everyone have to recharge on a daily basis? Sometimes I have to recharge twice. Strangely, the recharge takes a very short time for the battery to be fully charged. Another question, how do i forward sms messages?

  • Anonymous

Hello,has any one been able to download a call blacklist software that has worked to kindly inform me which one is the best for this phone.

  • jaff

itz amazing..... i never experinced this type of facilities in any phone....absolutly this rockz..with cheap cost....

  • Munir Ahmad Iqbal

Why application run automatically on this mobile. even i installed super task killer and juice defender. Every time i kill running application but these application run automatically. ANYBODY has solution please post. With thanks

  • kitty

its a fabulous phone! i just ove my blue one. one probrem though is the batery. i got to charge it everyday yet i only se it to call. its holding charge for very few hours and ant seem to get a spare batery yet to see if its the batery thats faulty. though i doubt its the batery since just bought the phone a month ago!

  • jojo

Hey Kenyans who have bought it from safaricom, what do u think? What is ur general review?

  • winked

Abu(kenya), 02 Feb 2011Buy it.. i have the 2go messenger about to make the accesible to android users

  • Anonymous

Can you save the downloaded installations to the sd card?

  • tiger

Does it have a document viewer for office and pdf files?

Does it have a virtual qwerty keyboard in landscape?

  • Jack

people, we want your opinions and experiences with the phone not questions. for questions o to your dealer.

  • Mwambazi

Roz, 19 Feb 2011Cool. only the battery life abit of dissapointmentConstant thumbing of the ideos just like any other phone will limit the duration for standby to a bit less than expected, phone calls and constant texting will also contribute to this.
If you have a laptop, or you work with a desktop, i'd suggest you keep the data cable to the phone plugged in at all times, and whenever you are not using the phone plug it in, while doing the long project/work reports, the phone will charge and thus limit your risk of going offline thanks to not charging your phone.
Various task killers and juice defenders are available in the market, download these so you may be able to extend the battery juice for that extra hour o so.
Using 2G networks when not doing data is also a good idea, switching off the wifi when not in use also helps push the battery to that extra couple of hours.

  • Mwambazi

The phone is the best that could have ever dropped onto my hands, for just about $100 I have ease that i could only dream about, however, there is always a shortfall as far as a good product is concerned, but this should not bring down the praise it trully deserves.
The apps that it comes with pre-installed are for everyone and anyone's use, they are tools that have helped in so many ways.
The wifi integration has helped ease the wireless router configuration procedures that needed me to carry my laptop everywhere i went.
Monitoring the speeds on my WLAN has never been this easy, not mentioning administering my mail server.
Email, text and other notifications come in with ease of access for the said notification, be it a facebook alert, an sms from a loved one or an email from the boss, testing the mail transmission and delivery times, its all on the thumbtips.
Taking photos, listening to music, watching & taking videos, is all made easy.
The number of apps available for use is overwhelming, key apps are found easy in the market and installing them is as easy as coffee in the coffeemaker.
In a matter of just 2 weeks i have at least two people from every department having this phone, and its a lot of fun for them.
The short fall is that the processor is a 528, this means you can't have flash, a search in the market proved this, if only Adobe could do flash for this sized processor...
the games are a breeze to install and they play well, eg. pool,angry birds...
all said and done, i still think it was 8499 - 1000 - 1000(600mb data) = 6499/80 = $81.2375 well spent.

  • M3RCY

this is amazing running skype on it very good .. android rockzz

  • Sean

Robin Hood, 19 Feb 2011Haven't succeeded here, same to adobe flash. Looks like skype's ... moreIdeos run on 600mhz cpu which android froyo cnt support adobe flash,incompatible that is!

  • AnonD-2106

George, 19 Feb 2011Hi. I had the same problem but considering the tons of apps am r... morewhere do i get this apps?

  • Billyb90

Robin Hood, 19 Feb 2011Haven't succeeded here, same to adobe flash. Looks like skype's ... moredoes it support safcom network or is it open?

  • c4l

How I send songs via Bluetooth .....I really need help on this?

  • Stanis177 (Indonesia

Abu(kenya), 31 Jan 2011I have a desktop... i thought i needed a software to act as an i... moreI use C8150 (cdma version). To connect to pc, I use Ms activesync 4.5. Then select usb tethering.