Huawei U8850 Vision

Huawei U8850 Vision

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  • greatness

super great, I love this phone so much

  • Anonymous

daniel, 02 Oct 2016My connection is very bad please help me The plastic part on the top is the antenna. (the antenna is glued to the inside of the plastic)
Mine would get dust on the connectors to the antenna. Pull of the antenna, no tools required, but be careful. Clean connectors and put the antenna back on. I remember that the on/off button could easily fall off with the antenna removed. So again be careful.

  • daniel

My connection is very bad please help me

  • Anonymous

AnonD-312989, 27 Sep 2014software updatengAndrid 2.7.3

  • leart

Hello My Huawei u8850 vision has broken inside and outside the screen can help me .

  • mave

my own battery is very bad i dont know why

  • AnonD-312989

bz dude, 20 Jul 2014how do you upgrade this device to 4.0 at least software updateng

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 21 Jan 2013I have had the same problem recently as well. Tried chargin... moreKeep pressing down the power button and keep it down for up to 5 minutes. It had happened to me once before ;)

  • bz dude

how do you upgrade this device to 4.0 at least

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 11 May 2014Is it 3g enabled?Yes.

  • Anonymous

kiki, 13 Jun 2014hey how do u screenshotYou need root or android update

  • kiki

hey how do u screenshot

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 11 May 2014Is it 3g enabled?i have put my old sim card in phone but I cant recall my call log or messaging service. Do I need a new sim and micro sd

  • Anonymous

Is it 3g enabled?

  • sahar

where you put the fils for download ---my phone needs to this fils and softwar---

  • Anonymous

How do i make a picture to screen? Please help! Thanks

  • Anonymous

why is my mobile phone huawei u8850 S/N:R2S9MC1250901914 not booting.

  • guru

mike , 18 Nov 2012just rooted mine so i've got rid of some preeinstaled apps... moremike plz tell me how to securely root my vision

  • Fernando coil

lo voy a rootear

  • Brian

Ringer is waaay too quiet (Im not deaf) Handsfree uses same speaker so also cant be used. Sounds tinny and hollow. My earlier Huawei Y100 is 10 times louder and works great. Crap camera, crap flash, no msg LED. Pretty to look at but not useable - missed too many calls.