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  • Anonymous

Main problems are rubbish charger - takes ages to get it to sit right to enable charge and the watch faces "burn" into the screen! I have a pinky residue and even slight ghosting of numbers. Sent my first one back and Huawei replaced without question. Sadly, the second watch also got the faces "burned" in again. Battery has deteriorated too. Have to charge more than once a day now. Thinking it is time for a change...Samsung Galaxy Watch looks favourite

  • Paul

This is still the best WearOS smartwatch you can get, even the new 5th generation Fossil smartwatches are thicker, wider & have thick bezels. Companies add better internal specs but go backwards on the actual watch design.

  • Anonymous

it would have been better if it has a sleeping senor like gear 3 samsung

  • Anonymous

timaz, 30 Nov 2018I just bought the used one from Internet. It is beautiful and it... morefrom where did you bought that watch?

I just bought the used one from Internet. It is beautiful and it was surprising that I could answer the calls directly from the watch. I think if the one who sold it to me knew about this, he would prefer to keep it :)

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 22 Sep 2018A question for those who used this watch 2+ years, how is the ba... moreIs the speaker level is higher after upgrade d io 2.0 wearos comparison with gear S3 for example? Because I intend to by it

  • lol 69

don't work

  • Paul

Still the best looking & thinnest android smartwatches with a hr.

Better still lasts over a day charge it while in shower & fully charges in 40 minutes.

  • Anonymous

A question for those who used this watch 2+ years, how is the battery life after more than 2 years of usage?
I bought the gold version and really like it, very good until now. I would like to use this watch 4-5 years since is all what I need from a smart watch and like I said I like the design very much. The problem is, the battery will still be usable after 4 years? should I buy a battery for it soon to be able to replace the battery in watch at a moment? or I will stil find batteries for it in 3-4 years?
I mean, a watch is something that you want to have after years, but this smart-watches will get broken due to batteries that will get broken after a time...

  • Semisha59

How can change it Chinese to English pls?

  • Semisha59

Usman , 27 May 2018Is it work with IOS???Yes

  • AnonD-139526

does this updated to wear 2.0?
anyone tried how long it will last in just watch mode always on is off and not paired in phone wifi off? or the longest you can achieve before charging it.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 08 May 2018Does it sim

  • Usman

Is it work with IOS???

  • Anonymous

Does it sim card..

  • M.t

How do i upgrade my system to marshmalow

  • Hiren

Hi sir. This smart watch work with opo f 3 phon and can i reply to my call with watch speacker

  • Carmanen

I just got new OTA update containing October security patch with some other minor changes... nice surprise as i thought software support had already ended!

  • Teddy

just a warning for would be buyers for Huawei Watch or future Huawei products. I own this watch, in fact, my family members and I owns 5 of them, my watch got water into it and part of my screen is not usable though i've never dropped the watch, my brother's screen is broken, my mom's motherboard is spoilt. the other 2 watches are still surviving.

aesthetically beautiful no doubt but the watch is faulty, we may be unlucky but the biggest problem with the watch is that it is irreparable. i am from Malaysia and Huawei Malaysia does not repair the watch, it only replaces it when it is still under warranty. read that Huawei UK is the same, after the warranty is gone, u r on ur own! we r trying to DIY fixing the watch but truth be told, spare parts r hard to come by, especially for the screen.

just a note of advice for would be Huawei owners, check on the warranty and repairability b4 committing cuz Huawei dont give a dime after ur warranty is done!

  • Anonymous

got it a few days ago for £180 on amazon, put twrp on it and installed my main apps via apks, and it works great, must get.