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Huawei Watch 3

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  • Huawei Watch 3 user

I have Huawei p30 pro and I bought Huawei Watch 3 just as soon as it was released 1.5 months ago, I like the watch very much, however battery life is not so good , with always monitoring heart beat, SpO2 and sleep and excercising 1-2 times per charge it last 2 days only, however it has ultra battery life mode which works wonders and battery lasts like 10 days in this mode :)

however there are downsides of this ultra battery mode that there is only one watch face which is analog and you can't change it.. also refresh rate is lowered and you cannot use custom apps.

For the price which I got it, I am happy, cause i got Huawei Earbuds Pro as well, for the same price I could have bought only a smart watch without earbuds as an example (Samsung Watch 3) :)

  • Terence

Best Smartwatch I ever had.... Very Powerful!!! And looks GREAT!

  • Alex

A lot of glitches during sync with the phone and problems with GPS and NFC and payment

The most beautiful and sophisticated looking watch so far.

  • Anonymous

Beautiful design