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I face a big problem concerning weather on watch faces is unavailable cannot display data on any watch faces

Any advice?

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    • Glasblazer
    • yat
    • 28 Sep 2023

    DaX, 08 Oct 2022This watch looks very good and seems to be high quality - b... moreIn China you can ignore the problems of your customers. Outside China Huawei is shit like hell.

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      • Ed
      • dSV
      • 13 Feb 2023

      Talking about watch GT3 Pro . Website says it has sapphire glass , I have scratched glass with such a scratch that I can feel
      It with finger nail . No way it has sapphore Chrystal , as had witching’s scansatch before it and in 2 years not a scratch on glass !
      And scratch is caused by normal daily use .
      I abused my witching’s scanwatch and had 0 scratches !

        I have a question, how i can clear the calls log on Huawei watch 3 pro?

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          • Towelie
          • 3Z%
          • 06 Dec 2022

          DaX, 08 Oct 2022This watch looks very good and seems to be high quality - b... moreI have same experience. In my watch Huawei apparently refuse update the software. My watch was receive latest update last April. After that, Huawei released 2 additional updates, but for some reason, they not showing in my device. Current sw is buggy as hell, and there's no help coming from Huawei. If that's really the issue, this is my last Huawei device ever. I contacted Huawei customer support, and is needless to say that they can't or willing to help.

            Waleed Barakat, 01 Jul 2022Yesterday I sold my disappointed (1 day battery) Apple watc... moreTotally agree

              Got this watch 3 days ago
              great & premium design
              The most powerful huawei watch

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                • Anonymous
                • rtk
                • 19 Oct 2022

                DaX, 08 Oct 2022This watch looks very good and seems to be high quality - b... moreHad the same issue of the car with the watch while connected with my smasung mobile.
                It had not been an issue when I used a Huawei mobile.

                Seems to be something more with phone rather than the watch.

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                  • DaX
                  • MGA
                  • 08 Oct 2022

                  This watch looks very good and seems to be high quality - but, it is NOT worth the money since the software is buggy as hell. And one thing that annoy me and many others - often, when it connects and reconnects to BT - calls are active again (and I do not want them on my watch so I turned it off). Why does it reset? And then when I have a call in a car, watch takes over the call - even though car BT is connected. Crap. And Huawei forum has many questions about this and they just say "Thank you for contacting us...blah blah blah...we care...blah blah blah...". We do not give a shit should be more accurate description about their SW development. The update addresses some bullshit stuff and does not resolve one single larger SW issue. I was more happy with my original GT Watch (first series). It was even faster in most cases. FASTER. And it was A LOT cheaper too. Huawei - get you heads out of the CPPs asses and fix your stuff so it becomes usable again.

                    Please let the editors of GSMarena complete the information about the battery capacity of this watch (790 mAh).

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                      • jgjc
                      • xsh
                      • 22 Aug 2022

                      No mention of the battery capacity!

                        Yesterday I sold my disappointed (1 day battery) Apple watch series 7, where everything is off including all features, Wi-Fi, fitness tracking, heart rate, blood oxygen, hand washing, most of notifications and AOD off, I hardly get 46 hours 😠😡

                        I bought the magic Huawei watch 3 pro, where everything including all features turned on, and AOD is on as well, I charged it to 100% 30 hours ago, and it still has 76%, battery remainig. Can you imagine that? 😳

                        It might stand for 3 more days, and without AOD it might complete the one week, and with ultra-battery saving mode on it might get one month with only a one single charge 😂😂😅

                        With Anker original fast charger I fully charged it from 8% to 100% in just less than 2 hours 💪💖

                        Apple watch is just a toy compared to it, especially the Huawei watch 3 AOD screen which shows a classic fantastic watch face. Adding a metal or titanium strap you will feel and look like wearing a 300 thousand dollars fancy watch. Pretty awesome 🏆

                          flagshipper, 10 Feb 2022i studied the watch deeply. It's pretty light, not co... moreThe new update fixed the notifications reply issues, now you can reply easily to any 3rd party app using keyboard or voice, exactly the same as Apple Watch 👍💪

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                            • Anonymous
                            • nxE
                            • 16 May 2022


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                              • Alex
                              • 3Rc
                              • 13 Feb 2022

                              Everything is ok, the performance is good. One qustions where is Glass front (Sapphire crystal)??? 1.5 years use GT2 Pro no scratches on the glass and case. gt3 pro I doubt the glass will not scratch. And in general all the smartphones with progress in gorilla glass always hurt me more resistant but it was scratched from the dust yes from the dust. Use Sapphire crystal and focus on other questions than thinking about how to rename a gorilla!!

                                i studied the watch deeply.
                                It's pretty light, not compared to nowadays ugly unisex watches like apple, but compared to garmin. It's also slightly thinner. Design-wise, top notch. And the materials that never scratch, ceramics that never itches..
                                Battery can chew only 15% a day, during the night it will turn off which is the only time i accept that WATCHES don't show time (i laugh at every apple/samsung owner wearing BLANK watch). And this is with HR, Stress, Temperature, SPO, light sensor and AOD!
                                In the ultra saving mode, lol, it's not like Samsung where it just survives couple of days with no function. Following still works: workouts, HR, SPO, sleep, stress, breathing, skin temperature, notifications, alarm, weather, flashlight, DIFFERENT watchfaces! 21 days with that! Eat this, apple/samsung.
                                Bluetooth didn't drop once compared to always dropping Garmins.
                                HR readings is not full of false heartattacks like Garmin. But they smooth out the curve too much, so rapidly growing heartrate will not immediatelly be seen.
                                Now the bad news is the dumbness in some areas.. Will tell you what. The watches can answer questions, play music even without subscription. Lot of apps there, incl.autonomous maps. You can multi task. But the problem is notifications (the most important feature of watches). It's on the level of any stupid band. Won't even show emojis first. Won't dismiss them from phone. Won't show unless you move the wrist. Won't show app icons mostly. Won't show chat calls, or clocks! No pictures as well. Won't reply and process any actions except 3 (three) messengers and SMS.

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                                  • Petr
                                  • S4S
                                  • 07 Jan 2022

                                  mateev, 20 Nov 2021I read so many comments and reviews about design, functions... moreAs for my experience (only 1 piece of HW, maybe others are much better) the GPS accuracy is worse than in my Garmin Forrunner 25 and the heart rate accuracy is relatively OK for lower values. The bigger heart rates the less accuracy - it shows much bigger values than they really are (+20% or so). But it is only my own experience, the watch is beautifull, but hardly usable as sport tracker.

                                    mateev, 20 Nov 2021I read so many comments and reviews about design, functions... moreThere are few YouTubers who do tests like these, one of them i remember did test for Newest Samsung Watch 4, In results HR SpO2 are accurate in all watches, But Sleep Accuracy was off , In Samsung's watch it was more inaccurate than Huawei gt 2 , It was way off in REM Sleep and Deep Sleep(Somewhat in Light sleep too). Huawei was pretty spot on with This medical Device for testing sleep he used, But As far deep sleep All were basically inaccurate. overall Expensive FitBit Monitoring watches>Huawei gt 2> Samsung Watch 4.. But this is for sleep as there isn't Dedicated sensor for it neither it is Ideal to be measured In wrist, Medical grade Gadget would Use Head For Monitoring Like band around head to monitor electrical activity.
                                    For other 2 sensors Sp02 and HR they are already with great accuracy since very old watches... And Gps and other stuff All watches are admirable But are slightly inaccurate from many reviews Pitched against Garmin watches.
                                    Ps. Happy New Year

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                                      • Anonymous
                                      • J5s
                                      • 14 Dec 2021

                                      Am I seeing wrong or is it 425 euro?

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                                        • mateev
                                        • B}L
                                        • 20 Nov 2021

                                        I read so many comments and reviews about design, functions, connectivity and etc. But nothing about measurement accuracy! Is it better than my GT2? It has amazing display, great functions, perfect communication with my phone and etc. but when I'm climbing with my carbon professional road bike it shows 110-120 heart rate but it's about and more than 180 (I have Sigma with chest transmitter). Heart rating is correct in running. Altitude is always incorrect depending on the barometer expecting on the seaside (before I had even negative altitude on the seaside but it was fixed after some update). And finally every 1000 meters cycling are 970 meters on my watch! My bike computer calculate the distance according diameter of the tire and I check it on road with markers for every km - after 5 kilometers the distance on my GT2 was about 4820 meters or more than 3% incorrect. Maybe it's acceptable because of gps tracking which is not very аccurate on mountain roads with serpentines. Any improvements in GT 3 Pro, especially about the heart rate?