Huawei Watch D will go on sale in Europe on October 12

Yordan, 04 October 2022

Huawei introduced the Watch D, its first smartwatch with blood pressure monitoring, in December 2021. The wearable was not expected outside of the domestic market, but eventually, it was unveiled to the international audience this May, alongside the Mate Xs2.

The price was set at €449, but no arrival date was given. Huawei’s keynote in Berlin at IFA 2022 included the exact same info, but today the company finally revealed Watch D is arriving in Germany on October 12.

Huawei Watch D finally arrives in Europe, sales begin on October 12

The Huawei Watch D is an otherwise fairly standard smartwatch, but it stands out wiht its supports of special air pump/air bag attachment right next to the strap to offer high-precision blood pressure monitoring. The company claims the sensors have an extremely low margin error of 3 mmHg. It also comes with ECG support, like the Watch GT 3 Pro.

The reason for the delayed arrival are the bureaucratic procedures from the EMA - European Medicines Agency, the body that oversees and supervises medicinal products across the EU.

Huawei Watch D finally arrives in Europe, sales begin on October 12

The first market is Germany, and we can confirm Italy is also getting the Watch D soon. Each country in Europe decides on its own whether to approve the wearable for blood pressure. It might take some time, but we believe the launch in Germany will have a snowball effect and the Huawei Watch D will get approved and consequently launched faster all across the Old Continent.

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Reader comments

  • Flemming
  • 17 Oct 2022
  • MXj

Bought my Huawei Wasch D through AliExpress, 1 month's delivery time, it was OK, now waiting for an update of the Huawei Health App with ECG measurement.

  • JustMe
  • 07 Oct 2022
  • 0EY

I am pleased to have come across this article, as I have been looking at the Huawei GT Runner which is supposed to have improved GPS for tracking runs etc. What GPS system does the Watch D have and how does it compare to the Runner in that regard?

Why wouldn't I be able to get this in the United States? Couldn't I have it shipped here?

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