Huawei Watch Fit New coming to Europe next month

Ro, 28 September 2021

Huawei is planning to release a refreshed version of its Watch Fit smart wearable, named Watch Fit New. The company has already set up a landing page for the device in Germany along with a specs sheet that seems identical to the original Watch Fit.

However, according to popular tipster @rquandt, the new smartwatch/smartband hybrid will come with NFC, which is listed as not supported on Huawei's website. We are not sure if that's a typo by the Chinese company or we are getting two versions.

Huawei Watch Fit New to be released in Europe next month

Moreover, Quandt reveals an exact launch date and pricing for the Watch Fit New. He says it will be hitting shelves on October 18 and will retail for €129. Those should also apply to the rest of continental Europe.



Reader comments

Yeah, this doesn't seem like a huge upgrade, I don't think I'll switch to this from my normal watch fit, cool looking watch faces though.

  • Alxx

I use it for one year already, its awesome. Never used it for running tracking, but for biking with gps on its super accurate and handy. Also alot of updates and watch faces. Only bummer is the SpO2 sensor, failing 1 of 3 times to measure at all.

  • Anonymous

Poor sensor accuracy for running and any other intensive activities and incompatible with any major third-party health apps or services. Why would anyone buy this at even half the price?

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