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Huawei Watch GT 2 Pro

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I am so confused guys! When I am working out outdoor and using gps to monitor my distance how to know if the phone's or watch's gps is being used? My watch is connected to the phone all the time and the gps on the phone is on.
In the huawei app the gps signal is green but does not say if it uses the phone or the watch for it.

  • Anonymous

Mohamedmarzouk551, 10 Apr 2021I totally agree with you. In my case I don't mind also... moreDo u solve the problem with the battery ?

  • Anonymous

Gt2 pro or t-rex pro

  • huawei

any one here facing display color change issue

  • Anonymous

Marc, 20 May 2021Is this compatible with the Huawei p40 pro Yes

  • Marc

Is this compatible with the Huawei p40 pro

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 15 May 2021to me the GT 2e is the best and i still cant understand why... morebro. it have new feature that old models don't have.

  • musad0608

How accurate is its GPS? Has anybody tested it?

I really like this watch, great stuff but I would mostly use it's smartwatch features - especially tracking notifications from messages and receiving calls. However I read something regarding message notifications which I'm not sure about - for example if I receive notification about new message on e-mail, Viber, SMS... Is it possible to open and see the whole message or just a part of it from the notification center?

  • Anonymous

to me the GT 2e is the best and i still cant understand why would somebody go with the other GT 2 variants . its cheaper , better looking and cover at least 80% of the functions of Huawei smartwatches or bands for that matter .the only thing i can recommend better than the GT 2e is Huawei watch fit but that's only a smart band .

  • Hoberg

This watch does NOT support Galileo satellites as stated!

  • Jen

Does this have Blood Pressure Monitor? I need it..

  • Anonymous

kev, 03 Mar 2021Most comments on here are a joke,i use my watch ll the time... moreIn agreement with you. My gt2 gives me no problem. Keep going for nearly 14 days. On app gives me all the info I need. Very accurate and reliable.

How was the Ticwatch smartwatch?I am thinking to buy the pro 3 GPS.

  • Anonymous

Which is the best oneplus watch or Huawei gt2 pro

I am planning to get a smart watch and use a Oneplus device, which one is better between Oneplus Watch and Huawei GT 2 Pro. I have used a Ticwatch Pro before

  • Quaz1

So Im trying to link the watch to My Fitness Pal. Has anyone noticed that the data sharing option has disappeared??

  • Mohamedmarzouk551

Jack, 17 Jan 2021 Worked perfectly for 2 months, consumed about 10% of the b... moreI totally agree with you. In my case I don't mind also 4 or 5 days battery but purchasing it was based on the expectations that the battery would last for 14 days. Let's say even 10 days considering the hard word sometimes. I have just bought it days back and the battery was 80% and never used GPS or even on display and didn't complete 5 days the battery. I am not sure if that a defect in the battery or deceiving selling point to the watch.

  • Quaz

HNP30, 10 Apr 2021Another funny comment. The watch measures calories burned a... moreexcept you are always burning calories, even when asleep. Most fitness watches show this

Another funny comment. The watch measures calories burned and not intake and no smartwatch has the ability to measure calorie intake because that will require a wire to connect to your internal organs perhaps.