Huawei will spend $15 to $20 billion on R&D in 2018, up from $13 billion last year

Peter, 26 July 2018

In 2017 Huawei spent $13.23 billion on Research & Development, 14.9% of its revenue. That made it one of the biggest spenders on R&D behind the likes of Amazon ($22.6B) and Alphabet ($16.6B). A huge portion of the company’s workforce – 45% – is dedicated to research.

Going forward it will put even more into R&D – Huawei has pledged to spend between $15 and $20 billion. Of that, 20% to 30% will go to basic science research (even though the original expectation was for 10%).

Beijing Research Center Inside the Shanghai Research Center
Beijing Research Center • Shanghai Research Center

Huawei believes it owns 10% of the essential patents for 5G (set to go big in 2020). It will license it under Fair And Reasonable (FRAND) rates. 5G will be a global push, but some governments (the US, the UK and Australia) have raised security concerns about using Huawei equipment.



Reader comments

  • AnonD-124847
  • 01 Aug 2018
  • 0w7

wanna be iphone.. only after lobotomy I may bay huawei and that ugly EMUI

  • Anon
  • 30 Jul 2018
  • y$d

It seems there's no explanation yet here what's the research do. Huawei is vendor for mobile, and network (router, 2g,3g,4g,5g, antenna, core network, microwave hardware, etc). Network division is facing the new era 5g that will be standarized by 3gp...

  • Anony
  • 30 Jul 2018
  • y$d


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