Huawei Y3 2017 images leaked by FCC

Yordan, 25 April 2017

Leaks of the alleged Huawei Y3 2017 appeared on Slashleaks, giving you a sneak peek of how the phone will look on the outside and also lifts the curtain about the SIM slots underneath the back panel.

The images reveal the phone will come with no buttons or touch-sensitive keys on the front, implying the control trio will be implemented in the user interface. Looking at the height and width of the phone we expect the size of the display to be bigger than the 4.5" panel on the current ultra-cheap Huawei Y3 II.

The back is occupied by a circular speaker, a camera and an LED flash, all lined above the Huawei logo.

The back panel is removable, enabling you to insert two microSIM cards along with a microSD card in a separate slot for the CRO-U00 and the CRO-L22 variants. There is also a CRO-L02 option with only one microSIM slot. An audio jack sits on the top, while the microUSB port is found on the bottom.

Knowing the approximate €80 price tag of the Huawei Y3 II, we expect the new addition of the Y-family also to fall in the ultra-entry-level category. If positioned there, it would become a cheaper alternative to the already announced entry-level Huawei Y5 2017.

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