Huawei Y5 (2017)

Huawei Y5 (2017)

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Its a good phone for its price

  • Mnma

This mobile have 4G network.I can only see 3G.someone knows tell me please.

  • Shehan

Civilization, 25 Jun 2019Why can it not support high graphic games.I wanna play rope hero... moreAre u charged orighinal Charger and orighinal Cable..? I Have this Problem..

  • Hasib

it's good to me for daily normal uses..

  • Arash Afshinfar

Can anybody dial "110" with this phone?

  • Arun

Y5 2017 was the best phone available in the price range...
the present Y5 is a asuper waste...It doesnt even have separate speakers for playing media sound,ringtone sound etc..The same earphone speaker plays all the role
Y5 2018,Y52019,Y5 LITE - BIG WASTES
I searched around 20 shops to find if there is any old stock of Y5 2017 available and finally i got two pieces from a shop which i gifted to my parents...

  • Civilization

Why can it not support high graphic games.I wanna play rope hero but it keeps on exiting the game.and why does it take so long to charge, I don't know if you feel like me but I got boring games to play,and waiting when God will answer my question and fix this phone

  • Alex

Guys, this phone is not even in stores now haha but for 2017 when it came out it was a good budget. Now obviously you have to look for newer devices

Just in case.. this is not worthy to buy even you are on a tight budget. Look for redmi 7A instead.

  • TheLegendy61

Device good for price, though terrible battery life and storage. Legit 2 playlists from spotify, and a couple of games, then its full. You have to delete apps to have space. SLOW charging.

Better devices out.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 08 Jan 2019I bought this phone last dec 2017. I actually didnt like the cam... moreiam assuming that's the issue from the memory, may be it is fake
try testing the sd by h2testw program (google it) it check the real capacity of the memory
if isd pass the test just format the memory in your phone
worked for me.

  • Xanthn

Not a bad little phone for the price, but biggest issue I have is the battery. Takes ages to charge and dies quick while gaming, it even still dies gaming with it on charge!

  • Nick

Disappointing takes long to charge and I just got it last week.

  • ghims

Pls produce to for 1Gb ram and 16Gb Rom

  • Anonymous

reduce the prices of these phones for the better market, its a request please

  • Anonymous

shittest phone ever hate it so much, takes so long to charge and very slow i regret buyig it so much now (((:

  • Cocoshumba

Pproni, 25 Oct 2018Its a good phone however takes too long to get the max charge be... moreThis is an honest comment. I used this phone for almost a year and I agree it is a good phone. It just takes too long to charge.

  • Anonymous

I bought this phone last dec 2017. I actually didnt like the camera because I used to have MYPHONE which I bought for 3000k and its camera was good so I thought, since the price is somehow higher it is better. So fast forward, just last year, I bought 36gb sd for me to store movies and music but everytime I put movies like I consume 6gb of my sd, all of a sudden, some of the movies and music are no longer playing. Like it's not allowing my sd to store files because evertime I put files on it, it is always being corrupted and it sucks. I dont think I would buy same brand of smart phone next time. 😢

  • Anonymous

Been using this device almost a year but cannot do what it needs to do. It is very awful in multitasking, cannot preserve at least one background app, and when I try to post something on social media by opening another app to find my pictures(gallery) it closes the previous app and will display "unexpectedly closed due to low memory". How can that happen when there is still at least half of the ram available? Another thing is that I never see my ram's availability go down to 300mb.

  • Le toxic

Its amazing.Heavy multi tasking will hqve a few bugs but its a quick fix.otherwise the battery life is great and the performance is on point.Its undoubtedly the best at its price point