Huawei Y5 (2017)

Huawei Y5 (2017)

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  • Ainima TH

I got a second hand version with cracks all over the screen. I got it two years ago.
Since then I've dropped it countless times, exposed it to extremely humid conditions, and throughout all of those experiences, I have come to develop a deep respect and appreciation for the quality that this phone represents.

Been using this phone since may 2018 and it has given me some great memories.

Lets start with the negatives.

-apps keep closing in the background even the built in music player
-facebook and messenger slows the phone down with its notifications when its the first time turning on the wifi
-the phone heats up like crazy
-takes time to charge

Positives (more like surprises)
-good performance in gaming. PUBG for me is playable
-camera can focus at very close distances. (Change volume functionality as focus and click the volume down button for the macro focus)
-can do manual focus while capturing a video
-better screen resolution and coloration than other competitors (like vivo y53c)

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 11 May 2020guyz my phone shoe on charging but battery not charged it c... moreChange the data cable of the charger.
I also had the same issue because the data cable was damaged.

  • Poose Petiya

My phone always running low internal storage

  • mishi

Xanthn, 08 Apr 2019Not a bad little phone for the price, but biggest issue I h... moreexactly u right

  • Anonymous

guyz my phone shoe on charging but battery not charged it charged 1% in every 10 minutes plz solve my issue

  • Umer

Is anyones phone is facing net signal problem in their huawei y5 2017

  • Leon

The battery drains so fast

  • Ashiq

Very good phone.for casual users.

  • supun

Shehan, 05 Sep 2019Are u charged orighinal Charger and orighinal Cable..? I Ha... morephone is only charging on original charger

Its a good phone for its price

  • Mnma

This mobile have 4G network.I can only see 3G.someone knows tell me please.

  • Shehan

Civilization, 25 Jun 2019Why can it not support high graphic games.I wanna play rope... moreAre u charged orighinal Charger and orighinal Cable..? I Have this Problem..

  • Hasib

it's good to me for daily normal uses..

  • Arash Afshinfar

Can anybody dial "110" with this phone?

  • Arun

Y5 2017 was the best phone available in the price range...
the present Y5 is a asuper waste...It doesnt even have separate speakers for playing media sound,ringtone sound etc..The same earphone speaker plays all the role
Y5 2018,Y52019,Y5 LITE - BIG WASTES
I searched around 20 shops to find if there is any old stock of Y5 2017 available and finally i got two pieces from a shop which i gifted to my parents...

  • Civilization

Why can it not support high graphic games.I wanna play rope hero but it keeps on exiting the game.and why does it take so long to charge, I don't know if you feel like me but I got boring games to play,and waiting when God will answer my question and fix this phone

  • Alex

Guys, this phone is not even in stores now haha but for 2017 when it came out it was a good budget. Now obviously you have to look for newer devices

Just in case.. this is not worthy to buy even you are on a tight budget. Look for redmi 7A instead.

  • TheLegendy61

Device good for price, though terrible battery life and storage. Legit 2 playlists from spotify, and a couple of games, then its full. You have to delete apps to have space. SLOW charging.

Better devices out.