Huawei Y5 (2019)

Huawei Y5 (2019)

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  • rae

is it okie for low mb games? fb, messenger and youtube only?

  • Israa

Yay my phnoe... i bought it in 2019 when it was new im still totally in love with it

  • guy

i know this isnt a expensive phone but this phone is too slow, i mean REALLY slow. Its so hard to anything without lagging and crashing, definitely not recommended for daily use.

  • Lee

Touch became useless after 6 months of use, lot of functions are not working

  • LSDsuperfruit

Phone's back is awful. You can literally spin the phone like fidget spinner. Not stable at all. You need to support it with your hand; can't one hand operate when phone is on table.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 10 Aug 2021I sometimes feel so angry of how this phone is doesn&... moreTotally agree
I love huwaei brand but this is 1 terrible phone
The Y5 really is crap
It's extremely slow
All I wanna do is throw this thing against the wall

  • Anonymous

priyantha, 19 Aug 2021y 5 is 3g or 4g? 4g

  • priyantha

y 5 is 3g or 4g?

  • Anonymous

I sometimes feel so angry of how this phone is doesn't allow me to install apps and is very very slow ... especially when it comes to phone calls ...if u can help would be great

I am using it 1.5 year running and happy with this phone. I am not gamer play mid size game often.

Charging time 1.5 hours for 0-100%
Battery 2 days life
No battery draining Problem.
Sound quality is very good for calling and music.

i have problems with strava app on this phone. its stop on my 1 kilometre and records not longer as 1 kilometre. why?

  • Julius

REKLESS8 lukme utube, 22 Oct 2020Both the 2019 and 2018 suck ass I'm sorry for the lang... moreThis is a low end phone. If gaming is your priority then spend a fortune and buy a flagship phone from big brand, including Huawei. So using this for gaming is like going on rally racing on a forklift. And then don't yell at everyone it's bad. Lol

  • Kany

What a joke! You can't set your own screen wallpaper, it fits them very poorly. You'd adjust your picture, it shows a shoe.

  • Sauda

I like this mobile phone it's very good💝

  • Animowy

I do not understand why others write that the phone is weak.
Mi works perfectly and does not cut any application at all
The phone is good

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 13 May 2021What can you say about this phone?The GPU is an abomination: even my iPhone SE 2016 (3 years older!) is faster. It is okay as a work phone, although even changing between basic apps can cause serious lag. Don't even think about gaming. Plus side: battery life is excellent.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 14 Apr 2021I don't recommend this phone to anyone.What can you say about this phone?

  • Anonymous

I don't recommend this phone to anyone.

  • Lunacity

Perfectly usable phone even in 2021, I recommend closing apps after using them and downloading light versions of apps. But for a 70€ phone I am very impressed

Kenawy, 11 Jan 2021guys, I have y5 (2017) is it worth upgrading to y5 (2019) Go for the Nokia 2.2 32GB if u want same specs, my cousin has this phone and she says that the UI lags