Huawei Y5 lite (2018)

Huawei Y5 lite (2018)

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  • Alien

This phone is rubbish.
You can't play games.
The back camera cracks very easily
Pics are dull and dark
Cheap for nothing 😡😠🤬
Don't waste money buying this
I would prefer Samsung Galaxy over Cheap flippen'
Tilt sensitivity is the worst
You can't play car games that need tilt control
You want to go left it goes right
You want to be in the center it goes backwards
Don't buy this junk
I am replacing this junk for a Samsung

  • kHUMO

This phone is so a** bruh
That even my doctor recommended a prescription for bad gameplay and SUCKY design

And some pills for system crashes and slow response

And a two day surgery for unplayable apps

  • Fredman

Khanh Lam, 17 Mar 2022Why would you even gaming on this phone? it was not design ... morefacts

  • Fredman

Dave, 24 Feb 2022So trueThis phone is trash
I am a gamer and it is absolutely
Frustrating to have a phone that lags sooooooo much some of the apps that came with the phone don't work from time to time
Don't waste your cash buy some thing productive with your money this phone is absolute trash it's like the trash on garbage island

  • ipm

This phone is trash it crashes on any app. Dont buy this phone I dont recommend

  • Aaron

Don't buy this, display has several bugs just after a month of use

  • Khanh Lam

Kwethz king, 13 Mar 2022I will never buy this phone it's suitWhy would you even gaming on this phone? it was not design to do that bro.

  • Kwethz king

BK, 18 Feb 2022This phone is trash That's all I have to say TRASHI will never buy this phone it's suit

  • Satyam singh

I play game last night and I open it
In morning phone have ghost touch problem and half touch problem and upper touch dead problem

  • Dave

BK, 18 Feb 2022This phone is the most awful decision I have ever made.This... moreSo true

  • Venuu

Yeah, really good phone for boomers. Get well soon Huawei Y5 Lite (2018)

  • BK

This phone is trash

That's all I have to say


  • BK

This phone is the most awful decision I have ever made.This phone is soooooo bad.Always lagging and Overheating and worst of all...YOU CAN'T DO ANYTHING WITH IT.

If gaming and Selfies are your thing,I suggest you return the phone,Take your money back...And buy yourself a functional phone.

This phone Cannot support any file over the

  • Dhanush

Never buy this it never is good phone always autoback can't load simple game and social media gets stuck always

How can I unlock the Huawei phone locked on one network? Can't use multiple Sims 🙄🙄

  • Anonymous

Clarion, 26 Dec 2021Worst phone ever always crashing l never gonna buy Huawei a... moreAm experiencing the same problem always crashing something needs to be done about this.

  • Ehsam

I hate this phone it cant even run smooth on minecraft 1.17 on an other device it runs with no lag but with this
It always lag + storage too low cant even download anything always have to delete apps + this phone is newer and it lags on an old phone it wont lag f##k this phone and horrible phone 1/100

  • Runic

After having a Huawei Y5 lite 2018,It's safe to say that this phone is bullshit. If you're planning on getting it, don't. Ur gonna have trouble with this phone.The camera sucks the screen sucks and it freezes every time, and the most annoying thing is that the keyboard will literally just close on u. I'd rate a 1/10.

  • Anonymous

This phone is good in one thing destroying my trust in huawei now all the flaws, the camera, games don't work, nothing works, and I used a app that u just look at wallpapers and the phone would get so hot, I hate this phone screw you huawei, good job in destroying my trust in your company

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 28 Aug 2021Does Pubg mobile lite play on Huawei Y5 lite (2018)no never wrost phone ever