Huawei Y5 lite (2018)

Huawei Y5 lite (2018)

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  • Dante
  • U{H
  • 11 Dec 2022

Worst phone by huawei... forget about gaming, you cant even run a vpn. its crashes after few minutes

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    • Fi
    • JbL
    • 06 Dec 2022

    No li-po battery

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      • LMG
      • f36
      • 03 Dec 2022

      Fortune, 02 Feb 2021I even destroyed my phone speaker for having trouble to pla... moreI also have that game and it gives me the same problem

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        • LeeWaiz
        • f3j
        • 03 Dec 2022

        Anonymous, 25 Nov 2022Don't EVER buy this trashy phone. The only good thing ... moreY5lite gave me a ton of problems.
        2.LAGS ON GAMES
        I tried updating the phone even restarted everything and it still gave me problems.The point is even if i try to fix the phone it gives me even more problems.

        The phone is a mager disappointment 🤦‍♂️nah bro its just ass

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          • Anonymous
          • XAd
          • 25 Nov 2022

          Don't EVER buy this trashy phone. The only good thing about it, is that it's phone screen doesn't break easily. Only a few scratches here and there but it's glass so. I'll list all the bad things about this phone

          1. Kicks out of apps
          2. Slow refresh rate
          3. Can't download games without it crashing 10 minutes into the game.
          4. Bad camera.

          I'd list more but I'll just say don't ever buy this phone, EVERRRR.

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            • Cookiee
            • XAd
            • 25 Nov 2022

            I've had this phone since January 2020, it was really good at first with fast refresh rates, no problems at all. However with all of these amazing things about it, in 2021 - it just completely started falling apart. The speakers started producing static at times, even with headphones. It becomes slow, kicks me out of apps and recently it's just shut off on its own. It took me about 20 minutes of leaving it alone and I thought that must've been the end of its life span but when it started again - I immediately came here and posted this review.

            In other words...

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              • D R
              • rJh
              • 19 Oct 2022

              Worst mobile I've ever seen. It crashes a lot and most of the apps don't even work in this mobile. It is because of this, that I haven't downloaded any game on it for ages. When I'm using any app, the screen just goes black and the app is closed. It happens most of the time. I'm so frustrated.
              Wouldn't recommend anyone to buy Huawei

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                • HuaweiHater
                • XA1
                • 18 Sep 2022

                this is actually dog cpu is garbage storage is total ass camera is even worse crashes on every app you in the only good thing about this phone is that the front screen doesnt break easily BUT EITHER THAN THAT THIS PHONE IS ASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS WORSE PHONE KNOWN TO MANKIND do not recommend anyone to get this huawei is ass company aswell going to burn this phone this phone must burn in HELL where it belongs THIS PHINE IS SOOOOOOO BADDDD

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                  • Asu
                  • Kit
                  • 16 Sep 2022

                  I don't understand about update sistem it's seem like not happen it's same nothing happens

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                    • Anonymous
                    • Me$
                    • 09 Sep 2022

                    This phone is the worst,it crashes a lot and is quite slow.i would not recommend anyone to use it.

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                      • Mukudzei
                      • 0wq
                      • 19 Aug 2022

                      This phone is bullshit always crashing keyboard is slow loading the cell phone heats this cell phone is Trash worst cellphone l ever had

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                        • Han
                        • fnM
                        • 17 Aug 2022

                        Annony, 11 Jul 2022Does this phone support fast charge or just normal charge?The normal charging only, but anyway I don't advice anyone with that phone, I had a very bad experience with it, nothing is working correctly, and u have a very limited storage space...

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                          • Anonymous
                          • NXL
                          • 30 Jul 2022

                          I got problem form my phone touch screen.sametime it say set speedtouch?

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                            • hd
                            • XAd
                            • 26 Jul 2022

                            I actually thought this would be a good phone, it was right next to a samsung on display in a shop and took the huawei, it was also my first time having a phone so no experience. to get to the point i wish id taken the samsung instead of this trashy phone, never played any games or downloaded illegal things it still works terribly, so glad i lost it, never to see that piece of junk EVER again :)

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                              • Shaunrexking
                              • N7a
                              • 23 Jul 2022

                              This phone is absolutely bull hell of a fuk*#*ing Sh*it I will never ever buy a Huawei product's slow,it lags,apps crash,apps are slow, keyboard is slow,even Minecraft crashes...what kind of bullshiit is this I even bought another Huawei product (HUAWEI P9) it even does the same things this one does

                              If you can only tell how to stop app crash only

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                                • Annony
                                • X5u
                                • 11 Jul 2022

                                Does this phone support fast charge or just normal charge?

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                                  • Anonymous
                                  • XG3
                                  • 10 Jul 2022

                                  Alien , 24 Apr 2022This phone is rubbish. You can't play games. The bac... moreVery badass phone it cracks and switches it's self off please don't waste ur money on it 😑😔 I'm so disappointed by Huawei 😔😔😶

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                                    • Anonymous
                                    • fjS
                                    • 05 Jul 2022

                                    The one of the shittiest phone I've had. Even lite apps crash on this piece of junk. The keyboard is laggy,-takes long to appear. GARBAGE.

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                                      • Frankie
                                      • jxx
                                      • 09 Jun 2022

                                      This phone is so bad that even the normal operations without gaming or running resource consuming apps are slow and they crash all the time. don't waste your time and money.

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                                        • Alien
                                        • fXa
                                        • 24 Apr 2022

                                        This phone is rubbish.
                                        You can't play games.
                                        The back camera cracks very easily
                                        Pics are dull and dark
                                        Cheap for nothing 😡😠🤬
                                        Don't waste money buying this
                                        I would prefer Samsung Galaxy over Cheap flippen'
                                        Tilt sensitivity is the worst
                                        You can't play car games that need tilt control
                                        You want to go left it goes right
                                        You want to be in the center it goes backwards
                                        Don't buy this junk
                                        I am replacing this junk for a Samsung