Huawei Y5 lite (2018)

Huawei Y5 lite (2018)

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  • Anonymous
  • snf
  • 30 Mar 2024

Y5liteHater , 20 Jun 2023This phone is literally my arch nemesis; my anger issues wo... moresame dude but it happened to August 2021

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    • Anonymous
    • snf
    • 30 Mar 2024

    it was good phone from 2019 until August 2021 it was very laggy and when I playing like asphalt 8 it lags very much which it get black screen and crashes and the worse of that when I get an ad just one and and it restarting any game with ad and it was broken (just above the camera not so much) so if it was 30fps I get 10fps or worse so 2/5 it's worst phone but I'm sorry its the best I buy Samsung than the current phone (iphone 7 is my current phone)

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      • Anonymous
      • XBA
      • 29 Dec 2023

      Huawei I am really disappointed
      The phone camera is not impressive
      The performance is not given
      It crashes almost all d time
      Am even afraid of collecting number from a gurl make he no crash
      I updated my phone but no improvement, it not fair, Huawei should have not make dis phone at all (iPhone 5) is better than dis phone I which I have money to buy my self a new phone .
      Aleast dey should be 1 amazing thing about dis phone
      I am not such if I would buy any Huawei products again 💔
      If u guys do not update your phone for better, u have lose a costumer dat a promise 👌👌👌

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        • Tiffy
        • SrP
        • 08 Sep 2023

        Its mostly good. Its sound is just not as loud and major space problems if you don't have at least a 32gb sd card

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          • Anonymous
          • Np2
          • 12 Aug 2023

          Netmonster shows aggregation despite cat4, very good rssi. But cat4 sammy don't even, might well get iphone 6s for lte-a.

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            • tony
            • XAf
            • 07 Aug 2023

            This phone is horrible kicks me out of apps most apps wont open tried everything to fix it cant play games or do tasks dont buy

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              • Hatey5lite
              • Nvm
              • 12 Jul 2023

              Stay AWAY from this. You don't know hate until you use(even for 2 mins) this phone. It WILL want to make you throw it against a wall- which was the case with me. Totally unusable

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                • Y5liteHater
                • S2S
                • 20 Jun 2023

                This phone is literally my arch nemesis; my anger issues worsened with this shitty phone. On god. I bought this back in August 2019. Had it until july 2022. If, at that time, I had 100 problems, at least 70 were because of this goddamn phone. I would buy this phone and give it to my worst enemy to torture them. To make their live worse. To just.. ruin their life. I get angry every time I think about this phone. The worst mistake I made was on the 8th of august. Damn you Y5 lite. You ruined three years of my whole life.

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                  • GRAN
                  • fwq
                  • 09 Jun 2023

                  a call will be coming in and it is not displayed only rings so I can't answer the call.

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                    • Theo
                    • f3d
                    • 11 May 2023

                    Y is it crashing other app

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                      • Anonymous
                      • Nvm
                      • 01 May 2023

                      Why my phone don't minimize

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                        • Agu
                        • I@H
                        • 01 May 2023

                        Very nice phone i like it. For call and text only.

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                          • Muku
                          • NuU
                          • 26 Apr 2023

                          Worst gaming cellphone ever always crashing overheating

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                            • Xolani
                            • EUk
                            • 06 Apr 2023

                            Dante, 11 Dec 2022Worst phone by huawei... forget about gaming, you cant even... moreI totally agree with you

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                              • Dante
                              • U{H
                              • 11 Dec 2022

                              Worst phone by huawei... forget about gaming, you cant even run a vpn. its crashes after few minutes

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                                • Fi
                                • JbL
                                • 06 Dec 2022

                                No li-po battery

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                                  • LMG
                                  • f36
                                  • 03 Dec 2022

                                  Fortune, 02 Feb 2021I even destroyed my phone speaker for having trouble to pla... moreI also have that game and it gives me the same problem

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                                    • LeeWaiz
                                    • f3j
                                    • 03 Dec 2022

                                    Anonymous, 25 Nov 2022Don't EVER buy this trashy phone. The only good thing ... moreY5lite gave me a ton of problems.
                                    1.KICKS ME OUT OF APP
                                    2.LAGS ON GAMES
                                    3.OVERHEATS VERY FAST
                                    4.CAMERA BECOMEA DEEM EVERYTIME U ABOUT TO TAKE A PICTURE
                                    I tried updating the phone even restarted everything and it still gave me problems.The point is even if i try to fix the phone it gives me even more problems.

                                    The phone is a mager disappointment 🤦‍♂️nah bro its just ass

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                                      • Anonymous
                                      • XAd
                                      • 25 Nov 2022

                                      Don't EVER buy this trashy phone. The only good thing about it, is that it's phone screen doesn't break easily. Only a few scratches here and there but it's glass so. I'll list all the bad things about this phone

                                      1. Kicks out of apps
                                      2. Slow refresh rate
                                      3. Can't download games without it crashing 10 minutes into the game.
                                      4. Bad camera.

                                      I'd list more but I'll just say don't ever buy this phone, EVERRRR.

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                                        • Cookiee
                                        • XAd
                                        • 25 Nov 2022

                                        I've had this phone since January 2020, it was really good at first with fast refresh rates, no problems at all. However with all of these amazing things about it, in 2021 - it just completely started falling apart. The speakers started producing static at times, even with headphones. It becomes slow, kicks me out of apps and recently it's just shut off on its own. It took me about 20 minutes of leaving it alone and I thought that must've been the end of its life span but when it started again - I immediately came here and posted this review.

                                        In other words...
                                        THIS PHONE IS COMPLETE DOG POO