Huawei Y5II

Huawei Y5II

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  • Shuvo Acharjee

Hate this phone..Here are some reasons..
1. Storage
2. Battery
3. Automatically restarts..

  • Noah

Well I have this phone for almost 4 years and I am not proud of it storage isn't that great battery life isn't that long and it's annoying you can't play games for a long time because games drain your battery faster

  • A huaweii user

This phone is not the worst but not the best. Here is the things I hate about this phone.

1. After few years of use it started to lag very badly even typing this the keyboard is not keeping up sometimes.
2. Low storage space. I can hardly install 2 apps! Even if I delete a lot of stuff it still needs more storage!
3. The launcher. The launcher restarts like restarts for 3 times in a row and after restarting it just be so slow.
4. Batery life is

  • k0vac

The phone is decent, on a budget it's a good driver phone and it can do some light gaming and it can run most apps solidly, don't expect amazing performance tho, this is a budget phone.

MO, 10 May 2019I love this phone, had this phone 4 January 2019.. I'm inst... moreI can assure you it last pretty well, we have this phone for about 3 years and counting and still it works pretty well, no signs of battery draining.

With gaming, it can run certain games like ml, wotblitz at low settings but it's totally enough for me as long as I can move well my character and tank.

I'm still having second thoughts whether I would buy a new phone because of this hehe.

  • Anonymous

Personally, it is a good phone that fulfills its basic functions for a user who does not demand great performance from his mobile device.

  • Anonymous

MO, 10 May 2019I love this phone, had this phone 4 January 2019.. I'm inst... moreWell ... good For 10 Dollars 'Duh..My J5 2017 cannot be matched at all ...! 9.0 Android 3GB Ram ...

  • Anonymous

JacobPL, 27 Dec 2019Well i think this phone is total piece of crap I'm using it... moreYeah, this phone is the "Hell" itself!
It's not good even by 2016 standards. Not even by 2015 standards. And I will tell you why:

1) It always has 500-600 MBs of RAM.

2) For the storage, even if you delete everything completely, it would have 3.5 GBs of storage, at the very best.

3) Although the phone is made in 2016, the processor is from 2013!
It's Quad-Core, 1.3 GHz, Cortex A7. It's sooooo weak that it even lags in opening the settings. Not to mention how long it takes to install the apps.

4) Garbage audio quality.
I compared it with Sony Ericsson W20i (Java phone from 2010!) and believe it or not, W20i performed WAY better than this garbage!!!

5) Absolutely low quality display. 720x1280 + 5.0" + IPS. What a disgusting combo!

6) Terrible battery. Around 5 hours of web browsing.

7) The back camera is "useable" at the very best. The selfie is noisy as hell.

8) Weak network speed.

9) Android 5.1... And it didn't receive any Android upgrade. Not even the Marshmallow 6.0!

10) No development support from the developers, no custom-rom, no custom-kernel.

11) Even the bootloader can't be unlocked so I could root it.

All in all, it's enough only for those who only call and send messages and do stuff like these.

  • JacobPL

Rose, 16 Dec 2019I've been using this phone for almost 3 years it's still wo... moreWell i think this phone is total piece of crap I'm using it for about year and this phone is from 2016 but for that day it has low specifications.
The most important thing is that this phone has only 4 gb of internal storage and only one gigabyte of ram.
I was using a Samsung galaxy j5 from 2015 and this phone is much better than the Huawei.
I do not recommend this phone.

  • Rose

I've been using this phone for almost 3 years it's still working fine, so durable and even tho I'm using it while charging for a long time ago the battery is still good, when you full charged it it can last for like 18 hrs when you're not using it, but when u are using it it lasts like 4-5 hrs i think. It's still good but the problem is, this isn't for gaming, it only have 1 gb ram and very very small amount of space. I'm a gamer and i hate it, because my only installed app is only messenger. And when I'm trying to install apk, it's not working anymore because the version of this phone is 5.1 and the phones nowadays is like 9.1-10.0 so it's to downgraded. And the camera isn't good, it's not a camera phone. This phone is for only busy person and anti social like uhm you can only use this for messages, calls and messengers and watch youtube.

  • Anonymous

My son has it and hates it because it's not the latest iPhone or something, he deliberately treats phone like trash, screen is cracked, rear cover is scratched like hell and the camera lens is broken but the phone still works with no software or battery problems, and he's going to have it until he affords himself a brand new phone lmao. Y5 is a very durable phone because it's made of plastic, plus the battery is removable which is unheard of today.

  • Thy

After 10 month so far no comment and no problem yet

  • Anonymous

I have this phone for 2 years and I hate it!

  • User

This phone not for heavy gamers and heavy multitasking, if you want some good performance phone like better battery back up, good camera, higher Ram, better cpu and gpu, you should buy a flagship or high-end smartphone, for me, huawei Y5ll is good for light use, but i already tried to installed PUBG mobile Lite ( Lite version ), It run smooth on this phone, And other chat apps too, good job to huawei / honor for low budget smartphone.

  • Anonymous

Mine is 3 years old and it still works really well, fast and the battery has high quality, but I don't really like design and everything is plastic so I would give a 10/7

  • Anonymous

Bob, 09 Aug 2019The Huawei Y5ll suck And its a fact!

  • Anonymous

It s said in the specs that this have LTE. But mine is only 3G.


I like this device very much. But this device isn't available in Bangladesh. 😥

  • Bob

The Huawei Y5ll suck

  • Ishmael mofokeng

My device doesn't show a cllers name during incoming call it just ring with a blink screen