Huawei Y6 (2018)

Huawei Y6 (2018)

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  • Anonymous
  • Xpf
  • 29 Jun 2022

ReignXzeed, 23 May 2022Agreed .. i also faced this problem There are few people here still try to use this phone now. Good screen and a speaker better than most budget phones. But UI lags so much, can't use the basic things. The snapdragon 425 is rubbish, only barely run at 1280x720, let alone run at 1440x720 ! The phone should be paired with at least adreno 405. I still have 2016 octacore budget phone with a Mali 860mp2 1.5x faster than this. Changed the launcher improves the UI, still cannot play the basic games such as asphalt nitro.

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    • ReignXzeed
    • X}R
    • 23 May 2022

    Mike, 25 Apr 2022This phone is slower than a turtle, it lags alot, and somet... moreAgreed .. i also faced this problem

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      • Mike
      • y6V
      • 25 Apr 2022

      This phone is slower than a turtle, it lags alot, and sometimes the touch is unresponsive, not recomendded for a budget phone. You're better off with a huawei y6p

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        • Zeddong69
        • sxs
        • 28 Feb 2022

        In netmonster it show that im connected to lte advanced network, but in the status bar, it doest show anything, it's just regular 4G signal, idk if this is a bug on the netmonster, or the phone itself

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          • UnknownGamez124
          • I@H
          • 08 Jan 2022

          My experience with this phone (Huawei Y6 2018) is 4 out of 5, It has a great Display, Loud speaker, Great Camera, The Performance of it though 2 out of 5, Battery did well in my use, but not enough though, Durability of it 4 out of 5.

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            • Harris004
            • NuU
            • 07 Jan 2022

            Anonymous, 03 Jul 2018I have been using this phone for the last two years and I'v... moreAre you sure

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              • ms
              • 7PX
              • 10 Dec 2021

              Anonymous, 26 Oct 2021Such pathetic phone. If you're gonna use it for gaming... moreyes exactly its right

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                • Juriel Japos gwapo
                • gtE
                • 07 Nov 2021

                i love the design, build quality, looks, incredible rear camera!, bass boosted speaker, high contrast screen, bright flashlight, gaming experience, nice tech, etc... what i don't like is the battery capacity.. ‼️

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                  • Anonymous
                  • aqm
                  • 03 Nov 2021

                  i loved this phone. maybe isnt' the best smartphone ever, but i fell in love with.

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                    • Anonymous
                    • 7Xq
                    • 26 Oct 2021

                    Such pathetic phone. If you're gonna use it for gaming and mid resource purposes, then good luck. It's f*cking horrible. Low fps, even gets worse with overheating. Not to mention it's bloated (Not surprising.) So I debloated it using ADB script (Removed adwares, back/startup processes, notifs.) for the sake of gaming potential. I have managed to reduced it to 480 k of ram usage. And guess what? Still horrible with the same low fps nightmare. Fucking thanks Huawei.

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                      • Anonymous
                      • sXT
                      • 13 Oct 2021

                      worst phone in existence. camera and storage is woeful and it is laggy all the time. shuts down when you use it for over a few minutes and it can't handle more than 3 apps even if you're not using them.

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                        • Dwayne
                        • XyH
                        • 06 Oct 2021

                        Guys my battery finishes so quick why?

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                          • Azin nick
                          • j46
                          • 02 Oct 2021

                          Phoneandyfan, 28 Sep 2021PS: I basically smashed the phone with a hammer. And threw ... moreHuawei y6 2018

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                            • Phoneandyfan
                            • y6V
                            • 28 Sep 2021

                            PS: I basically smashed the phone with a hammer. And threw it away. Dogshit phone! I'm happy with my Samsung galaxy note 5 even though its 5.5 years old and unsupported. As long as a phone works. Can do basic tasks, play some light games, has decent specs and runs a smooth OS thats optimised properly and not lag over stupid things, thats all that really matters in my opinion. Its too slow and laggy to be considered a budget phone. A budget phone should have 32 gigabytes of storage and atleast 3 gigs of ram. Whilst midrange phones should have 64 to 128 gigabytes of storge and 4 to 6 gigabytes of storage. 32 gigabytes of ram is good enough and fine for me. Im not a music fanboy... and 3 gigabytes is fine. Pretty snappy and can only multitask like 3 apps. 4 gigabytes of ram is good enough for a smartphone. You can multitask 5 to 6 apps or even more depending on how your OS handles ram. 2 gigabytes of ram is too small. Can multitask only 2 apps and most budget phones have 2 gigs of ram. 1 gigagbytes is even worse, you can't multitask at all. You can if your OS is decent and handles ram well. If your phone has 4 gigabytes of ram you have to restart your phone every 3.5 weeks. If it has 3 you have to restart your phone every 2 weeks. If it has 2 gigabytes of ram you have to restart your phone every week so that it doesn't get overloaded with junk resources. If its only an abysmal 1 gigabyte of ram you have to restart your phone everyday. Like i said before if your OS is very good at handing ram you don't need to restart your phone. Now if your phone has only 16 gigabytes of ram you have to delete files and unused files every day to conserve storage. I hope my advices helped

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                              • Anonymous
                              • nc8
                              • 23 Aug 2021

                              So I got this phone back in December 2018, it's the worst phone I've ever had, at first it seems fast, light, nothing bad, it's a basic smartphone for those who don't want to spend a lot of money on a smartphone, search stuff on internet, light gaming, scroll on social medias (very slow with Instagram), plays videos on YouTube at 1080p but a bit glitchy, loud speakers btw!
                              I've uninstalled every pre-installed apps it came with, after a week of use it became very slow, like really slow, I had to factory reset every month to make it faster, the internal storage, it says 16GB but in reality it's just 10GB (I guess because of the firmware and OS?) but! without any app installed in it just system apps it always had just 3GB free of storage!?!! I don't get it, what's using so much storage.
                              This phone likes restarting a lot, it would restart it self for no reason, sometimes it's impossible to answer calls, just black screen and the ringtone playing, it would heat up a lot when making calls, sometimes the charging port would get kind of warm for some reason.

                              The camera, initially it's not that bad, not professional but fine, but after 2 years the colors became kind of grayed out and most of the times doesn't want to focus on the object I'm pointing to.
                              Do I recommend this smartphone? Oh boy, I don't really recommend this phone at all.

                              Btw, I've lost it back in May, lost it when I was inside the bus, probably fell from my pocket.
                              I had this phone registered on my Huawei account and guess what? On the website it said that there's not any phone registered on the account! How unfortunate, I couldn't use the find phone function, useless.

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                                • JAMMY
                                • nw$
                                • 08 Jul 2021

                                Kdy, 18 May 2021I’d like to give my opinion about hauwei also, the first ti... morenice opinon, no one cares though!

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                                  • Kdy
                                  • KgV
                                  • 18 May 2021

                                  I’d like to give my opinion about hauwei also, the first time I purchased it, it already freezes, not the best phone to buy! And now I can’t trust any of huawei products anymore. I uninstalled applications all of it! Not much on memory card also, and it is still lagging. When I click something, it takes about 10 seconds or more before it opens! So annoying, and i just want to throw away this phone

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                                    • Anonymous
                                    • sxr
                                    • 25 Apr 2021

                                    my y6 2018 work much better now after doing some few. steps or tricks. first, since im not a heavy gamer, i uninstalled all the games that i downloaded and of course all the bloatwares (pre-installed upon purchase) . the only apps that i didnt saved were facebook and messenger. and to make it even run faster, i found some tricks shared on youtube on how to be a "developer" so i could adjust some of the phone's settings i.e animation, etc. and voila. my y6 2018 is better than ever. 😊

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                                      • L2underscore
                                      • C9a
                                      • 04 Mar 2021

                                      ArseK, 04 Dec 2020I have been using this phone for almost 2.5 years, I am sat... moreI had it for 2 years its really laggy. Only way to fix the lag is to restart it. Restart it every week to make it run a bit smoother

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                                        • ElUnderscore
                                        • C9a
                                        • 04 Mar 2021

                                        It has a very very fragile screen. MAKE SURE to not drop it and buy a screen protector otherwise the screen will crack. Its very fragile and i cracked it before by dropping it on the floor by accident.