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  • AnonD-593134

AnonD-593134, 11 Jun 2017 I got update for Y6 PRO (TIT-AL00C328B124) Update (B129)down... more
Dear All
I got update for Y6 PRO (TIT-AL00C328B124) Update (B129)downloaded. But installation and upgrading failed . so please your Help how to update B129 ?

  • AnonD-593134

I got update for Y6 PRO (TIT-AL00C328B124) Update (B129)downloading and installation successful. but upgrading failed . so please your Help

  • Mofokeng

I am unable to open the pics or videos on WhatsApp since March,what causes that?

  • Bella Rose

Best fone I have had so far.the battery lasts longer.Loving the camera takes great selfies

  • not hacker

when my fingers got some oil, my screen touch is does not work properly. what is the reason for that?

  • AnonD-199160

babe, 07 Jun 2017i bought the phone about 6months ago and the problems is with my... moreThese are the main issues with this phhon. Try to go to the care services and forward your complain their.

  • babe

i bought the phone about 6months ago and the problems is with my screeen its tooooo slow
and i get so fastrated n when i charge it its gets tooooo hot.quick charge time but now the battery doesnt last as long as b4 camera is tops ..perfrct

  • AnonD-199160

uae exchange, 06 Jun 2017my problem is that i cant understand the comment section. Im try... moreWhich problem bro?

  • uae exchange

my problem is that i cant understand the comment section. Im trying to get a review here. too much problem my prend no?

  • AnonD-199160

Up to now no solution for screen function? And no softwere update for almost one and ahalf year? What a bad phone, what a bad company Huawei and what a bad marketing. I will never advice anyone to buy this phone again.

  • ATH

Warranty support in Sri Lanka is pathetic and below expectation.
In spite of a repeat failure during warranty the device is not replaced.

  • imti

GAT, 27 Dec 2016has anyone resolve the issue of "whether to open charging trea... moreI have the same problem...that thing pops up every 3 seconds

  • sad bird

soha salem, 26 Apr 2017y6 pro price is not bad against what it offers , it is fast,scre... morei read so much comments about y6 pro and the most says that bad for speaker is low and heating when charges so you advise me

  • AnonD-672706

There is no time lasp option in Huawei y6 pro please tell me i it is available for y6 pro or my phone has fake software

  • samarah

..hiw much this huawei Y6 Pro?

  • Sheyan

I bought my y6 pro 2 weeks ago from colombo and i found out its heating like a hot plate when i'm charging it and also when i'm making a data call. Our huawei service center which is at colombo inspect my phone and they have install a new board to my brand new phone on last week. Also they inform me that this phone can charge another phone and that option can be a good reason to heat my phone and also this metal battery cover. But still my phone is heating and i'm scared my charger will melt because of the heat generated in the charger. Please tell me whether i have any other option rather than throwing this phone away because i'm a seafarer and i need to make data calls at all. I'm not recommending this phone for anyone because this heating is dangerous.

  • AnonD-671742

i have a problem regarding with the dual sim fuction of my y6 pro how can I make them activated simultaneously. I already checked the settings and once I on a sim's data it automatically shuts off the existing signal and data of the other sim please help me fix this problem

  • RDHL

Good phone. Have it now. But it did something weird today : i was watching youtube, then i turned off the phone, after that it started talking! I was like WTF LMAO

  • Anonymous

My phone started developing another problem since about three weeks ago. When I plugged charger, sometimes it will take about 10 minutes for 1 percentage to increase. And takes about 4 to 5 hours before fully charged, honestly I'm tired of this fucking phone. Please is there anything I can do to solve it? . Please it's urgent.

  • oliver

Anonymous, 09 May 2017My phone started developing another problem since about two week... morethere are many bugs.
1.there is a "HUM"(sound) when we play can hear we decreas volume.
2.When charger plugged brightness is increases.
3.Get 3 hours to full charge
4.small number of sensers have.(specially there are no gyroscope senser)only have ambient light sensor,accelerometer sensor and proximity sensor.