Huawei Y6II Compact

Huawei Y6II Compact

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  • SmoothChoise
  • 6vT
  • 20 Apr 2018

This Phone is Amazing my bro had it for 2 years and it's simply amazing
more cheap than the J7 From Samsung & It's Better In Overall
Amazing camera specs & Cool Gaming performence
With Amazing Device & cool other things
simply Amazing with a cool Price
I got it in my country for Just 145$

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    • Anonymous
    • JA$
    • 18 Apr 2018

    brou, 17 Feb 2018lg k10 2017 or huawei y6iiLG always in this case.

    I did dor this money LG G5 not new but like from shop.

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      • juank8041
      • ywV
      • 16 Apr 2018

      Had this phone for over a year. Two main complaints: 1) Wi-fi very slow (almost unresponsive) when bluetooth is on. 2) Not very good performance -- apps sometimes get forever to open.

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        • AnonD-749732
        • r2Z
        • 05 Apr 2018

        I've had this phone for over a year and a half I can tell you the following problems:

        WIFI doesn't work when the bluetooth si on
        The volume is extremely low, so even with headphones the volume still sounds quiet
        The speed has gotten worse over time
        The camera colours are inaccurate
        The battery is pathetic, and drains very quickly

        On the positives:

        It still run games well for some reason (perhaps because of the GPU)
        The selfies can look nice however it has this dumb auto beauty mode.
        It won't break or get damaged, no matter how many times it's been dropped
        The screen is large for its price point, but still ugly with an LCD at only 720p

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          • Sami Haddad
          • Liu
          • 30 Mar 2018

          I experienced three problems as follows:
          1- Wi Fi doesn't connect properly and the speed is almost zero while the other phones including other models of Huawei . THE sim card internet speed is good.
          2- The volume of sound is weak.
          3-The battery doesn't last for full day

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            • Wenkhosi
            • FmC
            • 28 Feb 2018

            Nosa, 13 Feb 2018speaker volume is not loud enough but it is ok i can hear t... moreI noticed that the speaker is not that loud.....but I sorted that issue by buying a Volcano Bazooka Bluetooth makes music playback very awesome.

            This phone is great..... RAM and trash management is the best I ever experienced on a Smartphone...... great cameras ..... smooth performance all around......but m looking to upgrade to the next Huawei flagship or Mid-range since I enjoy the Huawei experience .....been looking at the Huawei P11 but m also drawn to the Honor Series

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              • brou
              • LKE
              • 17 Feb 2018

              lg k10 2017 or huawei y6ii

                This phone also known on argentina as "Huawei GW"... and the Huawei Y7 Prime is "Huawei GW Metal".... i wonder why so many names in diferents countries... is so confusing... please huawei not follow the confusing path of samsung (j1, j1 prime, j7, j7 neo, j7 prime...)

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                  • Nosa
                  • N0j
                  • 13 Feb 2018

                  AnonD-704326, 06 Feb 2018There is no such double tap wake up function. In return I w... morespeaker volume is not loud enough but it is ok i can hear the sound but not as clear as other Huawei phones as i used to have mate

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                    • AnonD-737108
                    • 8n4
                    • 13 Feb 2018

                    It's really good phone,long lasting battery, but I'd prefer y7 prime because of 4000 mah battery

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                      • Wili
                      • NwM
                      • 07 Feb 2018

                      AnonD-704326, 06 Feb 2018There is no such double tap wake up function. In return I w... moreYes all Y6II have the loud speaker problem, the sound quality is very poor

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                        • AnonD-704326
                        • sEE
                        • 06 Feb 2018

                        dodong, 20 Jan 2018micro sd card can not be read by PC, plz. help.I have the same problem. Had to eject it from phone and insert it into my laptop manually with card reader.

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                          • AnonD-704326
                          • sEE
                          • 06 Feb 2018

                          nosa, 29 Jan 2018i recently bought y6ii and i don't a way to wake up mobile ... moreThere is no such double tap wake up function. In return I want to ask you is the speaker volume loud enough? Mine is quiet low. I dont know if this is standard from its manufacture or there is something wrong with mine.

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                            • nosa
                            • N0m
                            • 29 Jan 2018

                            i recently bought y6ii and i don't a way to wake up mobile expect power button i tried app to wake up but it drain battery . is there anyway to double tap to wake up ?, motion control dont have

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                              • Wakawaka
                              • NvR
                              • 27 Jan 2018

                              Aji, 11 Oct 2017Hi Huawei y6 ii will get android 7 update......?Nop I doubt that

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                                • dodong
                                • 3%L
                                • 20 Jan 2018

                                micro sd card can not be read by PC, plz. help.

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                                  • CI4543
                                  • NHe
                                  • 19 Jan 2018

                                  The camera quality is so poor at night. why is that so, or are there some settings which i have to change to make it work better at night.

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                                    • Anonymous
                                    • 6ug
                                    • 18 Jan 2018

                                    Roy, 03 Dec 2017Update on this. Now it goes from 32 to 15% in less than a f... moreGo to: settings > advanance settings > battery manager > protected apps > protect all ( switch off ) also, settings > advanance settings > battery manager > power ussage fire wall >( selesct apps to be close ) press x in the bottom of the screen.

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                                      • Shasika Kavinda
                                      • IWS
                                      • 14 Jan 2018

                                      Best Price.. Maximum Performance... I Love It ☺

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                                        • Anonymous 2
                                        • n7J
                                        • 14 Jan 2018

                                        The phone is 5" not 5.5" the battery is a huge problem if your using it for calls and facebook you should be okay but games and movies will be a problem u get like 2hours with battery but i like huawei its a budget phone