Huawei Y7 (2019)

Huawei Y7 (2019)

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  • Anonymous

Between Huawei y7 prime (2018) and Samsung S7 which one should I choose

  • Anonymous

So far, it will turned a year next month since my sister gave it to me as a surprise gift, i do believe that whatever phone or devices you have, it depends on the handler, this device i've been using is starting to have some issues, but i do explore to know the problem inside the system,to fix the bug for a better use..since i cannot afford to buy a new one, I'm trying to handle it with care..but hoping to have a new one 😌

Not recommended the screen is sometimes not responsive, its easily get heated, not recommended really for its price.. And the gaming capability of this phone sucks. U should buy realme 6i than this.. Phone here in the Philippines Huawei y7 and realme 6i are the same price but the performance of realme 6i is better than Huawei y7 2019..u should avoid buying Huawei phones because of bad screen, even low end oppo phones have better gaming experience than this phone.. I used this phone in 3 months i destroyed it.. Because how laggy this is.. And im using realme 6i now.. Dont buy this phone

  • Niki4a06

Does Y7 2019 has an upgrade to EMUI 9 Android 9 Pie?

  • Munaknow

Is this phone protected by gorilla glass?

  • balokan

best phonethat
i ever had all about it is good

  • Srdjan

Mmmmmn, 19 Dec 2020Is this phone good for an adult woman who just uses Faceboo... moreAbsolutely, my mother using this phone for 2 years.
She's now 73 years old.

  • Charles

Been using the phone since it's launch. It's doing great in terms of camera, internet, and even battery life is good.

  • Johnwick

The phone is not worth to buy.. Specially in gaming this phone is the same price as the realme 6i and the realme 6i is good at gaming and have good camera and battery life is good.. Compare to this Huawei y7 2019 it can't even run properly MOBILE LEGENDS and CODM.. And the camera looks like the camera from the 90s and the screen not really responsive.. Fingerprint to slow face scanner take a bit slower.. It cannot receive strong internet connection even 100mbps..i compared it to the realme 6i..i think all Huawei phones not worth to buy specially the Huawei processor.. I recommend.. REALME, XIAOMI, VIVO.. I TRIED these phones but Huawei is just worst phone ever its cheap but not the worth of the performance

  • KingPain

When can we have the updates for this phone.

Shaun Czar, 19 Sep 2020I'd rather go for a Samsung a20. Same price range but ... moreIt's actually a very good phone except for the fact that it breaks easily. The plastic back starts to crack and the display shatters even from a height of 3 ft

Mmmmmn, 19 Dec 2020Is this phone good for an adult woman who just uses Faceboo... moreNot bad but there are better alternatives as well (if huawei is a bit expensive in your region)

  • NeonZi

Get root, uninstall all huawei bloatware even the Google Keyboard, instal ex kernel manager, SD maid, LinkToSD, Floating apps

I've been using this phone for 20 months
a phone that makes very good value for money.
Autonomy is incredible used all day with games and movies remains 50%, otherwise a charge lasts 2-3 days, it charges quickly a 20 minute charge ensures 6 hours of autonomy.
Very good signal, thin and resistant and if we also put full dual sim there are already a lot for an cheap phone...

  • Mmmmmn

Is this phone good for an adult woman who just uses Facebook, YouTube, and WhatsApp?

  • Anonymous

I am on my 2nd Y7 2019, the 1st one had a burnt screen 3 times and was replaced. The 2nd phone has now also developed a burnt screen!! This is extremely inconvenient and a pity, as the phone is, generally, very good for the price.

I think its a really competitive phone amongst the all the mid range smartphones out there... 8/10 °°°°°°°

  • Anonymous

User, 09 Oct 2020Do this phone has overcharge protection ? ( Can i leave th... moreNever charge your devices overnight as they drain battery life over time

  • Kadis

My camera does not rotate from rear to front. Is it my fault or some phone issues?

  • User

Do this phone has overcharge protection ?
( Can i leave this phone charging overnight ??)