Huawei Y7 Prime (2018)

Huawei Y7 Prime (2018)

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I have this phone for 6 months and I am impressed with it the battery life is very good even with 3000 mah
And it runs PUBG Mobile perfectly
A phone which costed me 160€ and i got a 6 inch display a dual rear camera and 32 GB storage and an octa core processor

  • Daniel

I bought my huawei 2018 some few weeks ago, all I can say its that the phone is working perfectly. How ever, the storage is the issue. Its feeling up very fast. For instant it shown me that I had 20gb free memory, but coppying a 5gb series from my computer it didn't manage. It indicated storage full. How can I solve out the issue?

  • Jaindi

How can I get back stollen y7prume 2018

  • xDb

eddie, 22 Apr 2019I can't download Instagram it works great but seems the notification bar is glitchy

  • Anonymous

zzzharley, 28 Apr 2019should i buy redmi note 7 (4gbram,64gb) or huawei y7prime 2018 ??? Huawei y7 is best

  • Sodais king

my mobile was so heating

  • Roy

Since last month, the fingerprint scanner is not working and suddenly face detection got into the setting where fingerprint scanner option used to be there. Cant understand how Huawei can remove fingerprint scanner altogether without informing the buyer. Face detection doesn't seem to be safe enough on Y7 Prime 2018.

  • zzzharley

should i buy redmi note 7 (4gbram,64gb) or huawei y7prime 2018 ???

  • sahar

eddie, 22 Apr 2019I can't download Instagram same issue with my phone. instagram,s current version is not supporting this phone's OS. But I downloaded Instagram APK file from Chrome and that is working perfectly fine

  • eddie

I can't download Instagram

  • Saad

I have a complaint with its safe. During use it vanished automatically. How it can be restored with all my files?? If it happens again.. I don't have words to tell the consequences.

  • fo2sh

Bad quality, bad phone , in 7 months , screen start showing yellow colors in the edges , then it do not apply to be charged when it is working, i must turn it off, now it is dead

Anonymous, 08 Mar 2019....problem is in the users...battery is awsome...little bit lon... moreli-ion or li-po battery properely charging,
yes for the first time need to be charged to 100% then drop to 0% to calibrate the battery . But they have a specific number of charge cycles,
depending on the manufacturer, and it's about 500 times or cikluse, The trick is how to prolong those cycles, since it will consume those cycles, it starts to lose power very quickly and even that it does not charge.
Here's how to do it ;
do not allow to be empty below 25% and do not fill more than 85% max 89%
it works best at 40-80%, so you can charge it at any time for a bit.
So if you empty the battery below 25% then you
lose 1 cycle and if you fill more than 89% again you will lose another one cycle. you can check it in the setting, battery, power consuption details and you will see that if you are charging the battery in this way 25% - 85%, it will not ruin the cycles.
As well as the fact that the battery is not good to be filled and emptied to the limit, and most of all despise the heat.
drop to 0% then charged to 100% to calibrate the battery one per month or two months.

  • Anonymous

Any 1 have main board y7

  • Anonymous

Sir my y7 battery timing is not well..please give me a solution

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 22 Jun 2018battery dries too fast. A big stupid phone takes a lot time to c... more....problem is in the users...battery is awsome...little bit longer charging but the life is longer...i play games on my y7 every day and charge it per two days...its perfect ...please friends use your battery correctly when u take new phone...its 3000maH ..i simply cant believe we are talking about y7...all new bought phones must be charged 12-24hrs after u use the battery till it reach 0% ...

  • Anonymous

Resh17, 24 Aug 2018Battery time is good if u use less... Abit heavy usage will drai... morefor better battery performance when u take the new phone use it till the battery is empty then charge it for 24hrs no matter its ready...y7 battery is long lasting...recharging takes a little more time but the usage after is longer too...its ok for me...

  • Alarun

Just some stuff i need to say about this phone,
The Y7 Prime 2018 looks super and stylish truth must be told, everything looks good and works for the best, and for mirroring screen use Miracast from the store it's working very good, the thing i don't like about this phone is the screen it's super low quality the color are dull and have the ghosting effect, it's very noticeable when you scroll text or pictures gallery, for some people like me the ghosting is a deal breaker, and also the Huawei home EMUI is limited compared to the Samsung Galaxy Touchwiz.
All in all the Y7 Prime 2018 is a good phone i noticed no lags, every application i used works good, also gaming specially retro (Mame works fantastic). But i need to say it again I'm not happy with the screen and no way to fix it.

Anonymous, 20 Feb 2019Y7 hands downCompare with xiaomi note 6 pro n see

  • Anonymous

Abraham , 03 Feb 2019Guys ... Which one is better Nokia 3.1 plus or Huawei Y7 Prime (... moreY7 hands down