Huawei Y7 Prime (2018)

Huawei Y7 Prime (2018)

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  • Hamza

I update version of Huawei y7 prime 2018
It suddenly power off and then not on

  • Serbian User

Great phone.I would recommend it to anyone!

  • Illmind

LEH, 31 Oct 2019please tell me what is security patchNovember 2019

  • JGTV2002

Will it get Android 9 anytime?

  • LEH

Juni, 29 Oct 2019I got september security patch last nightplease tell me what is security patch

  • Juni

CyberDemon, 11 Oct 2019Huawei drop support for this phone, no more update.I got september security patch last night

  • CyberDemon

Luqman, 05 Aug 2019Well i am using y7 2018 from last one month. My concern is about... moreHuawei drop support for this phone, no more update.

  • Josh V

JOHN GAMING TV , 18 Jul 2019I have this phone for 6 months and I am impressed with it the ba... moreRuns PUBG smoothly? No. Maybe it's not Huawei Y7 Prime (2018) because this phone lags a lot in full PUBG. Its okay though in PUBG Lite.

  • Anonymous

saf, 16 Jul 2018i use this phn...and back cam is awsome...taking videos on dim l... moreCan anyone tell me is there slomo option in y7 prime 2018?

  • Dheeraj

This phone is every time close and get power on after 2 day... What can I do.. For it

  • Sharon

I bought y7 early this year January ,today it went off then when I try to charge it it doesn't charge, please help

  • Luqman

Well i am using y7 2018 from last one month. My concern is about OS update .. Can i get Android 9.0 update for this phone if anyone know. Share your ideas and insight on this aspect.. Thank you

  • Elikem

I bought my Huawei Y7 Prime (2018) last year December. It's been working well until this morning.

The power on and reduce volume buttons are not working anymore. I can't turn off my phone neither can I reduce the the volume of the media.

What can I do?

  • African guy

Well, it's been a month now using this phone, bought it for 170usd and so far the processor perfomance is ok, the battery is awesome you can get through the whole day with average usage, back camera perfect, selfie cam is not bad. My problem is with the display, it looks very cheap. But however emui lets you change fonts and themes, im currently on the p30 pro dark theme. Everything is dark and it satisfies my sould as well as making up for the bad display....


I have this phone for 6 months and I am impressed with it the battery life is very good even with 3000 mah
And it runs PUBG Mobile perfectly
A phone which costed me 160€ and i got a 6 inch display a dual rear camera and 32 GB storage and an octa core processor

  • Daniel

I bought my huawei 2018 some few weeks ago, all I can say its that the phone is working perfectly. How ever, the storage is the issue. Its feeling up very fast. For instant it shown me that I had 20gb free memory, but coppying a 5gb series from my computer it didn't manage. It indicated storage full. How can I solve out the issue?

  • Jaindi

How can I get back stollen y7prume 2018

  • xDb

eddie, 22 Apr 2019I can't download Instagram it works great but seems the notification bar is glitchy

  • Anonymous

zzzharley, 28 Apr 2019should i buy redmi note 7 (4gbram,64gb) or huawei y7prime 2018 ??? Huawei y7 is best

  • Sodais king

my mobile was so heating