i-mate JAM Black

i-mate JAM Black

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  • Anonymous

i need new battery to this i-mate black ,how can i get

  • anurag

i-mate jam is one of the best model from company i had one and still its cool

  • donchuks

alex23, 19 May 2012I love this phone :) Mine still works great half a decade ... morepls hw can l stil get dis phone??

  • donchuks

why should this phone be discontinued?l like it and am still looking for where to buy one!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • alex23

I love this phone :)
Mine still works great half a decade after :)

  • Anonymous

my loudspeaker is not functioning and back up battery doesn't charge pliz nelp

  • abhi

my back up battery doesn't work

  • mohi

mjid, 30 Aug 2010how i can connect this cell phone to pcmodel no

  • mjid

how i can connect this cell phone to pc

  • imate jam black

i want full details of my phone operating system & where i will get the new charger my charger is distroyed due to high voltage

  • ameer

how to soft ware re instalation.

  • Anonymous

how to set ringtone in dis phone

  • vhince

i cant hear a sound eventhough i already checked the notification play back box. pls help. thanks

  • Anonymous

hi also tell me that how can i use my backup battery?? my id is skylovesbloom@yahoo.com plz do tell me...

  • Anonymous

when i put my phone on charging,it shows the light (that it is charging) but when i plug out then it off due 2 insufficient battery...can any1 help me??

  • nash

my battrey is spoil n i want a new one to buy

  • nik


  • a

Dhan, 28 Jun 2009The first thing i did with my NEW Ultimate I mate 8150 is i... moreyou must tap at the center of the plus mark

  • a

VINCE CEZAR, 15 Dec 2009I have a problem with my i-mate jam, the power is on and of... morethe battery is not functioning

  • ame

how do i connect yhis phone to a wirless modem