i-mate PDAL

i-mate PDAL

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  • Anonymous

how to download whatsapp in pdal

  • AnonD-94842

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  • Meet

how to use infrared in I-mate Pdal????

  • Erigrey

why my imate pdal if i will open internet to download thing it take 3 minutes and then it cancel the internet..???!!!

  • loveneet

Unfortoate i master reset my phone so what are doing now

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

why did not connect my wi-fi to open

  • poo

how to push other new themes???

  • alwaysbest

AnonD-9746, 31 May 2011Does anyone else have a problem with the touch screen? Can ... moreit can be fixed if you can arrange the genuine touch
i have one with broken touch but i could not find

  • Anonymous

Ayman, 30 Oct 2009how i can back up my i mate pdaldunno

  • AnonD-9746

Does anyone else have a problem with the touch screen? Can it be fixed?

  • Kumar Sudhir

I have IMATE PDAL set. Anyone please suggest me where to buy its battery.

  • venkat

hkobe, 13 Jan 2010I need u to help me get drviers for this mobile to connect ... moresimple Go to google search engine.search the microsoft activesync and download.Install pc and then connect imate pdal.

  • ahwin

Suresh, 28 Nov 2010I can receive calls, but touch screen or other keys not wor... moreDownload my mobiler in your pc.then connecte mobile to pc .then install my mobiler then go to desktop you can my mobiler folder then click my mobiler icon you can see your mobile display in your pc you can use your mobile in pc itself

  • purplejack

what i found out about i-mate PDAL is that if the wi-fi signal is poor you will have a hard time connecting to the net. tap the start button, tap on connections tab, tap connections manager icon, tap the space below "wi-fi" and you'll get connected to the net in no time...

i saw an ad in ebay selling batteries for this unit...

my question is, how can you upload movies and videos in this unit?can someone help me please?

  • nirvair singh

sir i have baught i mate pdal set in 2007 but so far i could not get a spare battery so the set is in no working kindly tell me from where to buy a battery for the same

  • clinton

how to activate internet on phone i-mate PDAL?

  • maku

how can i use the WiFi on my i-mate PDAL? can anyone help me on this matter?

  • varinder

bhartijain, 13 Nov 2010we are appearing a problem in this device, its not able to ... morego to settings and then master reset. it will do the rest of job itself and follow the instructions and then it will be ok

  • Suresh

I can receive calls, but touch screen or other keys not working and not able to unlock. Anybody can help me?