i-mate Smartflip

i-mate Smartflip

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  • Fad

Where can enter the Message Centre Number???

  • Shaun

Very Stylish phone with all needed office applications - Giving Women a chance to have a good looking phone not to big but also packed with all the office needs.

  • ranjha

when I install new software on this phone it keeps giving me an error: "Installation was unsuccessful. The program or setting cannot be installed because it does not have sufficient system permissions."

  • Anonymous

to Copy, HTC produces this hp and sells it to Qtek, I-jam, O2, Dopod....etc. Then it is named to whatever they like it n then released it under their name-brand.

  • copy

this is the same QTEK 8500!!!!!!!!!why 2 different brands has the same cellphone and the same features

  • Anonymous

the hape sucks one of the ugliest shapes ever

  • v m

sorry but, i was reading the user opinions what is Tom Tom?

  • Ron

Can I install TomTom on this phone

  • munu

i'm thinkin of buyin this fone , plz can any current user can tell me abt its battery timings and how big its memory card expansion can be? plz asap

  • David Telia

I decide to buy i-mate smartflip phone. Iam going to use it like a phone and also to read files in a word, acrobat-PDF, and excell format. Can you advice me that my choice is right or it will be better to purchase i-mate JAMin model for my purpose.

  • Anonymous

I want to buy a smart flip-phone with a good camera and memory that allows me to store my music... If anyone can tell me that this phone is decent for that... Do not want a V3i as it does not have FM radio...

  • smokinjoe

Just got mine a couple of days ago. Wasnt even aware that it had been released as there didnt seem to be much posted about it on the internet. Have been waiting for it since the firt glimpse back in Feb. It was worth the wait in my opinion. One thing i noticed different is not having to save music files to windows sounds to be able to use them as ringtomes. It automatically searches entire device for suitable files. The biggest drawback that I can see is the inability to sync files via folder on desktop. To add files to device you have to browse the device and drag and drop where you want them. Imate got it right with this one......

  • TechTester

Finally! It's about time someone introduced a current Windows Smartphone, and I'm not surprised it was i-mate. I work for a technology business and we are contstantly testing phone/pda devices and this is hands down my favorite. If you're someone who needs to stay on top of e-mail from anywhere, but who only needs to send just a few messages via your phone, then this is hands down your best pick. The screen, keys, phone quality, speed, are all pretty good. Not the best, but better than simply 'acceptable.' Putting it all together in this form factor (very similar to a Razr) makes it one great "total package" for those of us who don't want the bulk of a full size keyboard.

  • nikolas

what about the batery?????

  • Rocky

First impression--Great. I personally like flips. I needed a business phone but not the bulk. Needed the slim. This phone provided this and then some. DONT FORGET PEOPLE...ITS A PHONE. You do not need a high res camera on a phone much less a camer on a phone. You dont need WiFi because if you do, chances are you will have a laptop with you. What else do you wanna do with a phone...have it do brain surgery??? Though a drawback that it runs a Microsoft OS but its still a phone that can make calls anywhere in the world, with a few luxuries that will make your life easier. Consealing it is easy. Overall 8.5 out of 10.

  • Seif Hafez

I was waiting for this phone anxiously. I got it as soon as it was out. I have it. It has been with me now for the past 2 weeks. Excellent design, Good windows 5. But I have to say that the 200 MHz processor is a big disappointment. The machine is slow. Some applications freezes and give an error message. You would have to soft rest the phone. In smart phone OS MS you would have to turn off and on again. Higher processor would have been an excellent job. Also Wifi would have made it a KILLER GSM PHONE.

  • Anonymous

I have this phone. Just bought it 2 days ago.It is very good but I think the V3 and V3i keypad is more responsive .

  • Anonymous

1 year later. this phone will be a history.

  • samad zakaria

i bought dopod s300 same phone and its really wonderfull by all means a nice phone after a long time.

  • Anonymous

That is one UGLY phone...