i-mate SP4m

i-mate SP4m

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  • Riz

Salam/ Hi,
I have spv c550 orange phone.This One is the best phone like walkman,s superb sound.
baterry time is best,
sound is very best,
key function is exilent,
sound listen & calling quality is best.
it is best phone 4 every one.thnx.
please any one send me free windows mobile & smartphone software site.thnx all.

  • Mahmood

I had this phone and I would say that it was my great companion. It has very good sound, bright screen, very very reliable phone.

  • Sanjay

I had a similar Orange SPV550. One the phones with better functionalitie, I have used. The best part is the contact search option, which is a true window like option, note that a similar one cant be available in touchscreen models. I am looking for key pad and body for the same. Can any one suggest where can I buy these spares.

  • MarcoSerbia

i had spv c500 (identically to this one).I was looking for better one, but without succes.This is the best phone ever.Only disadvantage is poor joystick (collect dust a lot, needs every-week-cleaning).Screen is the best.Sound is perfect! Camera is good but maybe pictures could be with less yellow and blue (too strong colours).Business and pleasure in one. In this smartphone race the East has beaten the West. Nokia down. HTC rules!

  • nomis

very poor phone, ive had mine 8 months and with general were and tare a creaping crack developed across the screen, with this in the end rsulting in a large crack across the screen, a section of the screen has poped backwads under the rest of the covering and the screen s off colour.

funtionaly it is fine as long as you get one of the 50% f modals that dont have problems wit the keys stopping working properly, joystick problems etc.

i would steer well clear

  • IOICNer

good verygood

  • hisky

Recently this model has been withdrawn from the official Imate site [www.clubimate.com]The same identical model ORANGE SPVC550 has also been stopped.
Can anybody explain why? Because I am planning to buy one.Pl suggest whether to go in or not for the phone.
Thanks for the reply,

  • paddy

great phone one of the best business phones ive ever used, had this one for 6 months never skipped a beat . nice one !

  • Manish Sirnani

Thia phone is great.. The features are pretty decent & user friendly. The phone is is worth every single penny.

  • mohammed

I will buy it believe me????

  • Lady CME

i have this phone and its awesome, but the only problem with it is that it takes ages to load up when you switch it on! its definatly not a phone for the simple minded as it is windows based it can be a bit complicated to use at times, as when you take a photo each day is stored in a different folder so you have to sometimes find it! but a better phone than d600!!! oh yes you can actually listen to music and look at other applications!!! the music runs on windows media player which means it easily downloads from the pc to your phone!!

  • Gramesh

Yeah it looks nice,but whethere it has got navigator key.

  • scsa

this phone looks nice