i-mate SPJAS

i-mate SPJAS

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  • Bonifus Andres

No more word to say abt this smart phone.

Really amazing mob.

  • bhoopathy

how to connect the i mate to pc .

  • dan mags

Anonymous, 11 Mar 2008plzzzzzzzzzzzz can any body tell me how to set its wifi set... moreImate SPJAS has no wifi capability though you can go online if your simcard allows it.

  • Anonymous

in my phone os was corrupted,i cant download the imate os..plz give the tips....

  • D. Mohamed

I couldnt personalize the phone, since two days I amtrying to put my contacts and I cannot

  • varun

i have spjas.but bluetooth is working not properly.pls advice.

  • Jesim

i my room i have internet connection.but i cannot connect my I-mate spjas mobile headset.please advice me also send your advice my mail id jesim001@gmail.com.

  • sino

pleas send home screen layout missing iam email chinukiraloor@gmail.com

  • shivan

i mate spjas super phone only problem is the battery so i gave my friend chris to sell it and give zak money

  • zeeshan khan

i ve i-mate spjas
my opinion abt i-mate is its a very very bad phone
its operations r difficult though i kn all its operations

  • Muhammed

I purchased a phone for Dhm 390.The front display glass broken due to my fault.It was replaced after charging Dhm 330.When i inserted the battery after repair it was shown'batter fault'. I did check with many show rooms. But the battery was not available.It is not good to sell products for which accessories are not available irrespective of the prices

  • Musthafa kallingal

Sir I purchased one i mate s p jas phone i am creating some problems that to search the particular name with out scrolling navigation controll and the jog wheel so u send the easy way to serch the name eg musthafa by the scrolling navigator or the jog wheel we will get the name it will take more time

  • Anonymous

If you can, avoid imate phones. The keypad is the first thing to go. Dont get me wrong, there is nothing else wrong with the phone. It is great but once the keypad begins to go, you can do nothing. I had two Imates. The first keypads menu buttone stopped working after 1.2 Yrs. So I got the SPJas. 1.4yrs and the joystics cant press right and the menu buttons stice pressing options over and over again. The phone is quickly becoming unusable and at its price...

  • Helen Rego

I purchased a new mobile on 5th April 08 and the language in the phone is in Arabic I want to convert it into english. Could you please help me on line.

  • sudhir

I am having problems sending and recieving items via bluetooth, the phone just says sending cancelld... if anyone has any methods to resolve this problem please email me... much appreciated.

  • Jumblybum

There is no wifi....bluetooth only....

  • Anonymous

plzzzzzzzzzzzz can any body tell me how to set its wifi settings
i want to use this wifi
so plz tell me yar

  • Anonymous

i m too having lots of difficulties with this phone sp jas
its battery life is so poor
its camera pics also not so good
and and and its a very very dellicate phone
and its operations are very difficult to operate

  • Anonymous

yes it is possible to send files via blutooth , i tried a lot and reached my goal of sending files via blutooth
to send via blutooth u need to first on ur infrared or beam and then just on ur blutooth and send as many as u want files

  • Anonymous

to set ring tone or mp3 tone as ur tone just copy it from ur sd card and just paste it in my documents folder and goto setting there it ll show dat ring tone

and to use net u need to set connections setting to usb and then just plug the usb to ur cp and just on the net on ur pc then it ll automatically on net in ur mobile remember u should ve installed the synch soft in ur pc