i-mobile 101

i-mobile 101

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  • zengib

problem my inbox sms, please solutions..??

  • isteak

Ithink it is very good because of its price

  • Blue-toot

regarding the sms inbox problem
pls send to de nearest service centre to flash the new software.
it will be more stable


i just bought this stupid shit phone...ive got it for free frm blue cube...the phne battery was so gud n sound was so clear bt i always having the problem wit sms...stuck while readin...really bad xperience...bad phone....they shud giv a beta quality phone even its free..........lol

  • Nanee

I-MOBILE LOVER, 24 Sep 2008u cannot read ur sms? if yes then try to delete ur sim car sms b... moreI cannot open inbox to see one msg in it. Also cannot delete it... like hang. I think it's in the phone memory. How to delete this message? Is it a virus? Help! desperately cannot use sms... TQ

  • Anonymous

SOON KOK JANG, 03 Jan 2009waahhhh !!!!! i oso got use tiz fon laaa, tiz fon really very gu... moreyoh yoh!!! i oso get free phone at blue blue blue cube~~~~ wah wah wah ~~i like it~~


waahhhh !!!!! i oso got use tiz fon laaa, tiz fon really very gud and the best , my fon i mobile 101 , is touch screen looooo, can u make ur fon same like me???


u cannot read ur sms? if yes then try to delete ur sim car sms becaus eas i know if the sims card sms more then 10 u cannot even open the inbox and then take the phone to the nearest service center to reformat ur handset ok....

  • Mr. Secret

do u guuys have exprerience that message cannot be readed ??

  • www.myccs.com

Got 4 months contrat now. But, still worth it. Great phone with great feature. Except without bluetooth.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 01 Jan 1970i like it

  • i-mobile lover

any i-mobile phone u can get it in blue cube yoyo....!!!!!!!

  • micheal lee

hey..i get the news from here and i check it out from blue cube outlet and find that is realy free for this phone when u sign up for celcom plan.but no contrat that day. i try it out and find that is good and friendly user..thanks..guys or the information.....

  • gary lee

totally agreed with u i oso get it free of charge ......from blue cube outlets.no term and condition .

  • Anonymous

this is a nice and good basic phone and u believed it......! i get it totally FREE from blue cube!!! guys if ur looking for this basic phone try and find it in blue cube company ...no harm for u to try it when ppl is giving it out FREE for u to try.....!

  • Kayla

This phone is very appropreiate for my sister.(She is a very picky person) BUT she actually likes it!!! correct is right....go to the head of the class,you deserve it!!