i-mobile 201

i-mobile 201

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  • geoff211

some of the specs of other phones are like from chinese phones . :(

  • brooke

this phone is damn cheap sell at tesco for rm 99

  • Akio Yoshhiro

can i get more themes for this phone?

  • Ravz

**R00ting Tut0rial**


for me the file which worked was


PS: Ready carefully before proceeding or you may brick your phone.

Replace xx with tt and YYY with www

***Advantages of Rooting***

Rooting means you will be the admin(Windows Terminology) of your Operating System(Android).

1)You will be able to uninstall apps that you don't require, like many don't like moxier email(but I use it since it has push email),timescape,mediascape or branded apps which come with one's firmware.

2)You will be able to tether with your PC or make your X10 as a wifi router/modem. Apps like "Barnacle wifi tether" are freely available of android market but require root access. Please note Tethering is not native to 1.5 Android.

3)You could install "Titanium Backup App" from android market which requires root access and is the only app which helps you backup the whole phone into SD card.

and there are many more advantages, you will come to know once you root your phone.

Yes,I have rooted my phone(Answer to someone(don't remember the name Sorry) who asked me but his post got deleted)

P.S: Rooting voids Warranty

***Unroot X10***

Just in case if you want to unroot your phone.

1) Disable USB Debugging mode: Settings –> Applications –> Development –> Untick ‘USB debugging’.

2) Now run the Sony Ericsson Update Service or PC Companion.

3) When prompted connect the phone to the USB cable. Under Software Update, click on Start.

5) Let the software download and reinstall the latest update. Once finished your phone will be unrooted.

cheers and hope that helps.

  • Ragini

I have bought i - mobile from thailand. Display is broken could yopu please tell me where i can i get the
display spare. I stay in bangalore. Please tell the suppliers in banglore

  • igna

hai...this i-mobile201 is good...just want to know..how long we need to charge the battery in one time? inside the user manual did not noted about this thing...pls advice..

  • Dr Macxy

The phone should have been better.

  • Anonymous

the design shood hav been better

  • Anonymous

no bad wierd

  • danish varma

why dont have bulotth?andthan why dont have infarid port?

  • Ahmad

just to share, it is not a chinese brand,
i-mobile brand, its from thailand, public listed company in thailand, like in malaysia proton car?
it is selling well at their country.

  • Anonymous

it is not a phone it is a marvles phone

  • Sunburn

I-Mobile is Chinese phone under a Thai brand. The general feed back is they're more reliable than those under Chinese brand. Look better too.

  • ouch

god i tried this phone before, the speaker quality is awesome! didn't think this small&cheap phone can be up to this sound quality. u guy should try.