i-mobile 318

i-mobile 318

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  • amras

oja.. i want to add. the radio recorder feature is quite nice. it can record radio air in both amr and wav. it's mono though. but it's sure quite nice.

and about the file manager, i didn't expect much from its file manager actually. but it's also quite good. of course you can compare it with SE's file manager or Symbian file manager. but at least, you can sort files in the file manager by many parameters (time, file name, file type etc etc), you can mark several files (to move/copy etc, but apparently can NOT send several files via bluetooth).

the other menu that's really helpful is the one called "Private Menu". you can set your own passcode to the private menu, then you can access it and control several menus such as messaging (inbox, outbox, draft etc), call list, calender, contacts, etc. it's very useful. such a nice feature every phone should've had! ~_~

  • amras

i bought this phone for only $70 and i'm really satisfied for the performance it brings me in that price range. screen is so-so, but it's nice to see the pixel density is really good there. it lacks of contrast and saturation though.

apart from it.. the camera is VGA. it's not sharp, it's VGA, but hey.. the color reproduction is awesome! you like seeing k750's cam clarity, but only in vga size. quite nice.

the audio performance is satisfying. the loudspeaker is loud. really loud, clear and i can praise it. the 3.5mm jack helps a lot to find the better headset and it performs very satisfyingly with a better headset.

battery life is quite good. it could've been better tho.

the writing response is really fast. the keypad is very comfortable. and writing messages on this phone is absolutely a pleasure. the rest of the menu response quite fast. but it takes more time to access folders in file managers, esp when the folders contain large amount of files.

well.. for a low-end phone, i highly recommend it.

oja.. it also has bluetooth which has the transfer rate about 70kbps, which is fast, faster than SE's A100 bluetooth transfer rate (still slower than SE's A200 bluetooh transfer rate). it's nice. really. ~_~

  • Anonymous

it has buletooth that I think its very nice and so compatible as well. The main point its low price.

  • Rafsan

Can I recored call conversation with this phone?

  • Anonymous

ser, 30 Jun 2008no bluetooth included (is it right?)bluetooth yes with a2dp
and 3.5 mm jack audio

  • ser

no bluetooth included (is it right?)

  • chandra

one more the screen not cstn 128*160 but tft 176*220

  • Chandra

I have this Phone, This is some features that i like :
1. 3.5 mm jack audio with yamaha audio amflipier for very good sound coz this is music phone series
2. private menu
3. Fm radio record
4. Huge internal memory (121 mb)

and I dont like this :
1. Video only support avi mjpeg
not 3gp or mp4

but this is good phone for who loves MUSIC

  • james

menu style similar to sony ericcson

  • ....

looks like a nokia phone.