i-mobile TV 530

i-mobile TV 530

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  • ahmed

can i download JAVA program on it

  • jagades

nice mobile... with tv tuner.... but battery back up is not good and i dont know how to use the internet...

  • clark

very good handset, with tv owesome...like this very much... but the quality..hm....

  • haiticallcenteragent

Oh and is it recommended for internet surfing ???

  • haiticallcenteragent

THIRD (*_*) This is a nice phone but can someone confirm the Q U A L I T Y ? ? ? Please cause i wish buying one like this soon.

  • jashan ,papu

very very nice mobile set i am using this set since 5 months ago .its tv catching ability is very nice...........

  • angel

i bought at KotaTinggi $550 free 2gb,is a good phone ,Lcd very clear diff from others imobile.This phone without private menu....& dictionaly.Im 533 will better than it.