i-mobile TV 536

i-mobile TV 536

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  • Ray Espinosa

Now I can watch TV5 from this phone!

  • linda

where would i buy one of these phones? and how much would it cost?

  • Le Chu

GUDGIRL, 16 Feb 2010wats so special about this phnit has long battery life as compared to china-made dual sim phones. its bluetooth features can be synchronized w/ your pc when doing power point presentations. Its LCD is good enough when watching tv in this phone. As for internet browsing - it is gprs capable only but it'll do for me.

  • Mon Juan

This phone is made in Thailand not China. It's very good. The font is huge.

  • rix

it looks like china phone that can be bought for 4 thousand pesos or $100 .


wats so special about this phn

  • malivogue

I love this phone. I bought one yesterday. The fonts are big.

  • jack

Nice phone and can't complain about the pricing very good and all critics should get a life, for the money a fun phone to have, Thanks I-Mobile copy or not well done.

  • dawne

no The tv works

  • preston

bad is not the word,it sucks.i got it bcoz of the
t.v and the t.v doesnt even work!!!i want my money

  • lameness

dude this is an immatation of one of the SE k series phone

  • Craig from South Afr

Damn, i've been searching this website for so long to be the first post.... this is the closet i can get.....


  • mobie fone

funny fone, price around 20$ would be OK.