i-mobile TV 620

i-mobile TV 620

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  • Glyn

The phone has no headphone jack plug socket......do I presume the charging socket doubles as a headphone socket?

  • love

how can i download themes and how can i change to used this new theme?

  • andrew

how to open the gprs of this phone?

  • Anonymous

is it a resistant mobile ???

  • Anonymous

Ashraf, 27 Mar 2010Can I sync my contacts on my MS outlook to this Mobile?. I... moreThis phone is made in thailand

  • Lal

Ashraf, 27 Mar 2010Can I sync my contacts on my MS outlook to this Mobile?. I... moreits not possible to synchronize with MS Outlook.

  • Ashraf

Can I sync my contacts on my MS outlook to this Mobile?.
Is this Chinese Mobile?

  • Anonymous

Can you use this phone on the telecom Network , XT ?

  • Lal Bangalore

Aditi: i 100% agree with you, i am using it for the past 9 months. A great fone. i love it. its far far better from all these so called popular brands.............

  • Anonymous

I need an oprerational manual f

  • Adit

Sorry i made a mistake, i-mobile TV 620 doesn't came with 2,5mm jack, instead it came with 3,5mm audio jack ;)

  • Adit

I just bought i-mobile TV 620 as a gift for my beloved Mother's birthday. I tried it for a day to know more what the phone can do.

The reason I bought i-mobile TV 620 is to replace her ugly chinese cellphone with dual SIM feature (GSM+CDMA dual standby) that has an AWFUL battery quality (it came with 2 battery in the package, but less than a year the batteries power became worse and worse everyday). And because of the poor battery power, the phone will turn off less than half a day (if my Mom doesn't making any call at all! Imagine if she making a call, the battery will decrease even faster!)

I think, i-mobile TV 620 it's a great phone. The build quality is very good, just like any other major brand. In the package you'll get the phone obviously, 1 battery charger, 1 USB data cable, 1 headphone with 2,5mm jack, 1 manual book, 1 warranty card, 1 rubber case for the phone, and 1 manual sheet to set EDGE/GPRS for every operator(I don't know if this manual sheet will be available in other country since every country has a different operator, I live in Indonesia) To bad it doesn't come with a memory card, so I have to buy it myself. I paired it with 4GB MicroSD so my Mom can store alot videos and songs and also install many JAVA apps.

i-mobile TV 620 offers features that only a few phone does and any other phone doesn't (or at least in my experience). Those features are Private Menu, Black List, Auto Turn On/Off phone, Font size and colour selection (Yes, you can change the font colour and size for your phonebook, SMS, or Menu), TV Tuner(Some Nokia and Samsung phones have this feature), Radio FM that can be turn On without using headphone (the antenna is embedded in the phone), Radio FM Record( you can record radio broadcast and save it)

The user interface is simple and easy to use, it doesn't lag (or maybe bcoz it's new). The picture quality of it's 3MP camera it's suprisingly good actually, there'a alot options in the camera menu. And guess what, it came with a flash (but not xenon) to snap a picture in the dark, and yes the flash can be use as a torch just like Sony Ericsson phones :D

The speakerphone sound quality is quite good, it's loud and quite clear when making a call or even when playing mp3 file. There's an MP3 player that come with an equalizer, but i think the sound quality it's still no match againts iPhone or Nokia 5800XM, but still it's pretty decent and good to hear. The On the left side there's a 2,5mm jack to connect a headphone, USB port to connect to your PC and also to charge your phone(USB port on the phone is the main port to charge the phone), and a volume button. On the right side there's a MicroSD slot, and dedicated camera button (to take picture as well as shortcut to camera function)

There are cons though, the TV tuner and Radio FM receiption is bad when you're watching/listening inside a building, only SIM card in slot #1 can be use to use EDGE/GPRS to connect to the internet

That's all that i can found about the phone for now, maybe if I'm the one who is using it, I can tell alot more about it. Overall I think i-mobile TV 620 is a good phone and a great value for your money

  • ian santa mikel

Im a nokia user and now i switch to imobile.
for malaysian, this is our phone.
The spare part is everywhere.
The price is cheap yet the phone is great.
I love the quality of the phone camera, 3.2 mp of Japanese Casio brand.
It got tv!, oh i love it(will never miss Buletin Utama)and the dual simcard is a bonus.
i will buy this phone within this week.

  • Lal Bangalore

Administrator: Please correct the release date. The phone is already available for sale.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 29 Jul 2009lier see the status first staus is:- Coming soon. Exp. rele... moreMy friend why should i lie and what am i going to benefit, i purchased it from Thailand, and it is very much available on sale. there may be a printing error instead of 1Q, they would have printed 3Q.

  • Anonymous

lier see the status first staus is:- Coming soon. Exp. release 2009, 3Q

  • Lal Bangalore India

Hi, i am using this phone for the past 2 months, and found it to be very good. Dual sim works fantastic. Best buy for this price.