i-mobile TV 626

i-mobile TV 626

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  • AnonD-26901

i cannot open my 626 because i cant remembered my phone lock code.how to open my phone.

  • jr

where can i get the themes for i-mobile 626???please someone help me...

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 23 Nov 2009is it any available@ indonesia,cz i never see it @any storeI live in Indonesia. I have bought this phone about a year ago.
It's a very good phone for this price.

  • 7g

Speaker is loud on par with N73, i used 4gb microSDHC with no problem. Good middle or low end budget phone hell its way better than CSL phone that we have in Malaysia in terms of price,built quality and epecially the interface menu.

  • i-mobile user

how i can setting auto rotate for i-mobile 626 in video player??

  • Anonymous

is it any available@ indonesia,cz i never see it @any store

  • SHARad

k'rool, 23 Apr 2009i just wanted to know about tv quality while during broadcasting... moreWe can that its TV quality is not too good and not too bad its medium. And all features are good.

  • hst

well.. i said.. just buy the tv620

  • fauzan

Looks like this phone doesn't have lens cover. Is the lens protected from dust and scratch? This is important for me because i usually put my phone in my pocket. I will buy this phone if the lens is protected.

  • k'rool

i just wanted to know about tv quality while during broadcasting, announcement etc..what do you think? (sorry my english)

  • emil

y think that the price is circa USD 170

  • emilyu

ok i had purchase on subasta one for me ,new. i would like it because i m spanish langue or italian p ex.but i can speak in english or french . i think that it have low hear i can t hear more high . the bad is the agend i can t see how to get another contact with all the things i want p ex dir. phone home . e mail yes , but im not sure if it has acces to MSN with only Wap. i think is no possible. i woud like to change the screen-save- too.they are not nice.

  • mindmenglish

Hmm...its USD$40 cheaper than SEK810(3g,3mp,xenon,autofocus)though choice, short battery,larger screen,lightweight(90g!) only 1gb memory? K810 video record only qcif 176x resolution. I'll buy it if it has at least cif 352x video record or vga...though...

  • Sam

Aaven, 08 Feb 2009dear sam, through wat i experienced, this 626 had better rece... moreThank u very much aaven

  • Lawrence

Very Good Phone

  • Anonymous

is there any one know the price of this phone???

  • Khone

I'm still looking for a well cellphone. In Việt Nam, 626 had bought with 3milions VNĐồng, it's so high if compare in other country.

T love this phone very much but I have not enough money to buy, because I'm a student (Cần Thơ university) and I cant make money myself up to now.

Can anybody tell me the great function of this phone? is audio quality good? (with headphone) I love music and I need a phone that can play music with high audio quality, also it can take the photograph good.

Send me your opinion via email fireheart_2803@yahoo.com or my blog http://my.opera.com/thainguu

Thank you very much! (I'm bad in English so if I have mistake in my commnet, pls )

  • Anonymous

Aaven, 08 Feb 2009dear sam, through wat i experienced, this 626 had better rece... moreRp

  • batusilver

if you looking for the TV, i think 626 its good, but dont talk about the camera or the music player, its just average.

  • Aaven

Sam, 21 Jan 2009Any other mobile tv are better than this phone? Cause i want to ... moredear sam,

through wat i experienced, this 626 had better reception to all the tv phone tht are available in the market currently