Ice Universe: the Samsung Galaxy S24 and S24+ will have LTPO displays

Peter, 01 August 2023

The S21 Ultra was the first of the Galaxy S series to use an LTPO display, this tech offers fine-grained control over the refresh rate and helps save battery. The the S21 and S21+ stuck with old school displays that only supported a couple of refresh rate options. That’s true of the S22/S22+ and even this year’s S23/23+.

Things are finally about to change – Ice Universe just reported that both the Samsung Galaxy S24 and the S24+ will make the switch to LTPO. This should have an impact on standby power draw if you’re using Always On Display.

Additionally, The Cat says that the new displays will feature a narrower bezel (you know Ice and his obsession with slim bezels).

Ice Universe: the Samsung Galaxy S24 and S24+ will have LTPO displays

For now, there are no details on things like the resolution of the displays. Will they be FHD+ again or are they going back to QHD+ like they were in the S20 series? That’s TBD, for now all we’ve heard is that Samsung won’t be changing the selfie cameras, meaning that the phones will reuse the 12MP Dual Pixel sensors from this year.

We’ve heard various other rumors about the S24 series and, by the sound of it, the S24 Ultra will get the best upgrades – new, faster charging battery, new telephoto camera, etc. But higher quality displays will still help the S24 and S24+ feel like the flagships that they are.



Reader comments

Comparing the specs of this and 22, it seems there enough differences to hopefully make this a good upgrade, just not sure about the zoom. The 22 could do 100 zoom, not sure how "far" you can push the 24. I know on the 22 "mo...

  • pleasesamsung
  • 27 Aug 2023
  • IVy

display size 5.8-6.0 inches 12gb - 16gb ram camera - periscope telephoto new version - ltpo5.0 ultrasonic - huge sensor area

  • Anonymous
  • 13 Aug 2023
  • mIm

Awesome, Samsung is the best

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