Icemobile Acqua

Icemobile Acqua

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  • i cannot be heard by

I cannot be heard by the persons whom I called would like to know what the problem.

  • Anonymous

It is just a rebranded Oinom LM802

  • dili_13

Im from indonesia, just wondering where can i buy this phone, thanks

  • AnonD-153223

where can this phone be bought?

  • tehujuu

Qasther, 22 May 2012wow..battery back up... very nicewher u buy this one plzz tel me i want to have one..

  • AAmir

britt, 21 Sep 2012what is an outside fm radio on the icemobile acquaVery good

  • britt

what is an outside fm radio on the icemobile acqua

  • AnonD-66348

Can I buy this phone from Bangladesh?
Or online shop? Thanks

  • AnonD-60980

Can I order it from kuwait?

  • Qasther

wow..battery back up... very nice