Icemobile Gravity Pro

Icemobile Gravity Pro

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  • Matjazz

In Chinese web shops look for OINOM LMV9 (MTK6582 Quad + 1GB ram + 8GB rom + 8MP camera) or LMV9D (MTK6572 Dual + 512MB ram + 4GB rom + 5MP camera). You can usually pick battery size (2800 or 4500mAh)

  • Nike

How / Where to buy this Mobile, please anybody share this message.

  • Matjazz

On Russian market this phone is sold as Sigma Mobile X-treme PQ22

  • Matjazz

I first saw this phone as Evolveo Q4 toughphone and it's being sold for the same price as Bravus Gorilla Q9

  • kaythia

AnonD-268104, 28 May 2014The phone looks really great, but what price is it going at... moreThese military phones usually go out of a chinese fabric in which they deliver the devices to multiple brands that put a sticker on the phone claiming that its their creation, so there are several exact phones but with different brand name. The Bravus Gorila V9 is exact as this one and you can buy it in a site called telefonostodoterreno . es

  • AnonD-268104

The phone looks really great, but what price is it going at and where can I buy it